CIS144_OS Architecture

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Introduction to OS Architecture

What is an operating system (OS)?

In order to deploy a SOHO type network to meet the needs of a small business / home-office type environment, you must be able to match key business needs with technological support. As a contractor you will identify the key features of mainstream operating systems, their deployment and configuration, and build a small network from scratch. You will start by getting familiar with basic operating systems.

·Watch the LinkedIn Learning course: IT Help Desk for Beginners with Jason Ruediger

·Watch the LinkedIn Learning course: Learning Ubuntu Desktop with Scott Simpson


Next, take some time to familiarize yourself with each of the operating systems.

·Power on the virtual machine with the Windows 7 installation and follow through some key exercises designed to familiarize yourself with the Windows operating system desktop.

·Power on the Ubuntu virtual machine and again follow through some simple exercises to familiarize yourself with the Linux operating system desktop.

Last, create a simple report featuring the following guidelines:

·Create a list of features that explain the fundamental differences between Windows and Linux.

·Create a set of guidelines for choosing an operating system for different kinds of users and application specific uses.

Please select a project from the following list to work towards over the next 10 weeks:

List of projects:

·Build an IT infrastructure for a small company that provides consulting services

·Create a network for a home that also has an office

·Build an IT infrastructure for the administration of a small private school

·Construct a network for a small library

For your task, provide responses to the following in a Word document and submit them:

  • Select a project
  • Explain why you selected this project
  • Based on your project selection, explain what requirements and restrictions would be encountered
  • Explain how you would go about constructing this project using an engineering approach

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