Choose three companies for a proposal about Accounting

I’m trying to study for my Accounting course and I need some help to understand this question.

Just do a little research and pick three companies for a proposal. I have attached sample for you, all you need to do is copy the same format and just put 3 company names in your proposal. Note that you cant reuse the companies in sample proposal. This should take less than 10 mins to do Once you’ve done it I will send it to my Prof right away for him to pick which company is the best and will assign another Assignment for you to continue the progress.

Tips for you to pick companies;

  1. You should choose a company whose financials are not overly complicated (that is, avoid the automotive, banking, insurance and financial services industries).
  2. You will need financial information for the company for three years from the Form 10-K. To ensure the availability of adequate Form 10-K information, search SEC EDGAR ( or company Websites before you submit your proposal.