Choose one business priority y

  • Choose one business priority you feel
    strongly about
  • Think of an idea, improvement or innovation that meets that
    business priority
  • Budget – 1M €

Company – Unilever

Unilever has a budget of one million euros to invest in
‘business priority’ projects.

Choose one of the business priorities
below to form the basis for your investment idea. There is no need
to review all – use this overview to help you decide which business
priority you are most interested then go to the relevant document
for an in-depth description.

Enabling retailers/our business customers

Supporting our retailers to grow their business generates income
and opportunities for the wider communities in which they

Answer 3 questions:

1. Your Big Idea for Unilever, e.g. idea, improvement or

2. Your rationale for why you think your idea will work

3. How will your idea drive sustainable growth for Unilever?

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