Chemistry Homework Questions 8/4

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1) How many sig figs are in this mole ratio? (Write “999” for unlimited sig figs.)

H2 + Br2 -> 2 HBr

1 mol H2 / 2 moles HBr

2) If you convert 1.500°C to kelvin using this formula, how many sig figs are in the answer? (Write “999” for unlimited sig figs.)

°C + 273 = K

(Note that “273” has 3 sig figs.)


The “ell” is an old unit of measure equal to the length of one’s arm. (Hence the word “elbow.”) A stika is equal to 2 ells. How many square ells are in a square stika

4) What is the mass, in grams, of 3.7 cubic inches of magnesium?


What is the correct name for Si3Cl8?


How many electrons are in an Au+3 ion, assuming it’s gold-197?


How much heat must be removed to freeze 1.0 L of mercury, assuming it starts at the freezing point? Mercury’s enthalpy of fusion is 2.3 kJ/mol.


Write the electronic configuration of a Pu+3 ion (element #94,) using a noble gas in brackets. Format your answer like so: [Ne] 3s^2 3p^6

Make sure you list the orbitals in order of increasing energy.


What is the conjugate base of water?


You analyze a sample of a compound and find it is 85% mercury and 15% chlorine, by mass. Its molar mass is 472 g/mol. What is its molecular formula?


Consider the following reaction:

Ag2CO3 + CH2O → 2 Ag + 2 CO2 + H2

How many grams of silver (I) carbonate do you need to use, if you want to get 5.0 grams of silver?

12)Suppose you titrate 135 mL of a solution of KOH to neutrality using 26 mL of a known solution of 0.10 M sulfuric acid. What is the concentration of the KOH solution, in molar units?


What is the pOH of a solution containing 0.00025 M H+? How many sig figs are in this conversion factor? (Write “999” for unlimited sig figs.)