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“Research” means that you will do additional reading, discussion, &/or data gathering outside of the course lecture and the assigned textbook. Any other source is valid, but you may not reword, quote, or reference the research sources. You must formulate your own ideas and communicate them in your own words; thereby, showing you have applied critical thinking regarding the Chapter topics.

2. #1 above is because you have a lot of material that came from other sources and I hope that you put into your own words, I will be doing a plagiarism audit at the end of the course, and any paper that has material previously published will receive the grade as documented in the Rubric.

3. You do not have to do more than one suggested research theme. The suggestion was to use a theme for all summaries (like best practices) to make it easier to tie all research together and to narrow your research. As I stated previously, you’re making this harder than it needs to be, I TRULY appreciate the effort, but stay focused on one theme only if you are going to use one. 4. Please use 1.5 spacing, not double spacing.

5 -Write a Executive Summary : you did not write about Chapter 2 and 8

6- it is need to be zero plagiarism