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need help writing the methods part of my paper.

Study Design: In this section of your paper you should describe your overall plan for obtaining an answer to the research question(s). The design should be chosen based on the strengths and weaknesses of each method and its appropriateness to your research questions. Indicate whether your study is: 1) quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods; 2) cross-sectional or longitudinal and which type of longitudinal design if applicable; and 3) experimental, quasi-experimental, correlational, observational, and/or case-study.

Participants and Procedures: The procedure section of the paper provides a clear, detailed description of how the research will be carried out. You should describe where/how you will recruit participants, who these participants will be (sample), where you will be collecting data, your procedure for collecting data, who will be collecting data (you only, i.e., “principal investigator,” or a research team), and where you will store data. Ethical issues such as confidentiality, benefits of participation, etc. should be included. This section should be written in a way that anyone reading it could replicate your proposed study. As an example, think about how you will recruit participants (procedure for selecting participants), what will you tell them about what to expect in the study (this might be a “script” of the actual directions you would give them), and where the participants will complete the research instrument or measure (online survey, in-person questionnaire, observing a task). You can also use secondary data (data that has been previously collected and publicly available) if that’s available. If so, discuss where you will find such data and who are included in this dataset.

Measures: Find and describe 1 to 3 scales/questionnaires/or interview structures that you will use to measure your variables of interest. There should be a citation for the scale – usually, when you see others using the measure they will provide a citation for an article where the measure was first introduced or tested. In selecting your measure you will need to provide a similar in-text citation. So when choosing your measure you might look to the research you’re reading, see what measures they use, then find the article they cite and cite it yourself, including it in your reference list. You will also want to report the reliability alpha they find for the study. If there is not an available measure for your variables of interest, you can create your own measure by designing questions that will fit your research topic.

Ethics: Provide an overview of ethical concerns that may relate to your project, and how you plan to meet the ethical standards set forth in the Belmont Report. If your study will require informed consent, discuss briefly what the risks and benefits will be to research participants.

Analysis: The analysis section should describe how you will use the data (either quantitative or qualitative) you have collected to answer your original research questions and test your hypotheses. What type of analyses will you be using and what will that analysis tell you in terms of your questions? (Note: this does not require advanced statistics; instead focus on whether you’re looking for correlations, differences between groups, themes from narratives, etc.) Hint: you may need information from the quantitative and qualitative method section.

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