Ch. 9&10

1. Comment on the relationship and differences between human rights, legal rights, moral rights and ethical duties. Give an example of a criminal justice ethical dilemma to substantiate your perspective. Then, give an example from your own life experience that helps clarify the difference between these concepts and how that affected your own behavioral choice.

2.  Is morality relative or absolute? That is, does it depend on situational factors, or are certain things simply “bad” or “good?” Give examples from general criminal justice and also from your own life, specifically.

3a. What is “noble cause corruption?” Give at least on example of noble cause corruption other than the examples used in this posted lecture or ethics text book.  

b.  Is the collective community need for safety sufficient justification for the officers’ actions in each example? Explain. 

c.  Considering the facts of the extortionist’s example, can the actions of the undercover officers be considered virtuous? Explain. 

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