Center for Ethics and Human Rights

In  my future practice as an advanced nurse I will ensure that I promote  the access to healthcare in my area. This will be accomplished by using  the competencies in the health care field like: Advocacy, Case  management, and Public policy. The American Nurses Association (ANA)  have confidence in that advocacy is a fundamental of nursing. My Nurse  Practitioner job will be based on advocate for my patients in any  workplaces, or communities. Also, legislative and political advocacy are  significant to progressing the nursing and Nurse Practitioner  profession in the patient care (ANA, 2020).

Nurses  are familiar with health promotion and helping people with decisions  toward their health. Therefore, I believe that Nurse Practitioner can  improve Healthcare Access, for example, implementing independent  transportation network. Elderly people in the United States generally do  not drive and this has a big impact on their health. So, it may be good  idea to use Mobile Clinics, which is very popular today, to visit the  Patient. For poor people, it could help them to get their medications,  and get to a doctor appointment. Case management is very important in  the community systems teamwork. Case management could organize trips,  with health needs, assistance with childcare, and assistance with  family (Health, 2018). Nurses’ policy influence is nurses’ ability in  prompting decisions and matters related to health over political  knowledge, good communication, and teamwork with other members of the  health team. This will result in the improvement of nurses’ job  environment and increases access to health care for many patients (NLN,  2020).


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