CED 600 SDSU Adolescence Deve

CED 600 has a Practicum component. Candidates for a PPS Credential in School Counseling need to complete 100 hours of Practicum experience prior to beginning the Internship part of the program. Candidates are expected to complete 5 to 10 hours of Practicum hours as part of this course. This assignment will help you begin your Practicum observation hours. It will count as a course assignment and toward the required hours for your Practicum. Each student will select and observe a Preschool – Grade 12 setting. Your Practicum experience hours will be reported using the Practicum log that must be signed by an official who represents the school or organization where you did your Practicum hours. Your Practicum log must be uploaded along with this assignment in week 4. If you are not seeking a PPS credential, you may do your observation at a community college. Contact your instructor for further guidance on how to modify this assignment for early adulthood.During your observation, focus your attention on the setting and the age of the group from the point-of-view of the developmental and behavioral expectations of that group as presented in the Course (i.e. Early Childhood, Middle Childhood,

Adolescence). You will take detailed field notes, and submit these field notes in addition to your essay. Furthermore, your observation should be purposeful and include a set of questions that you plan to address through your research. Sample questions are attached.

Your assignment is to write an APA formatted essay comparing your observations with the developmental expectations discussed and presented in class, using the text and supplementary materials such as peer-reviewed journals. APA format requires: a Title Page; a one page, one paragraph Abstract; a five to eight page Essay, with in-text citations as necessary; a page for APA formatted References; typed using Times New Roman – 12 point font.

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