CCT 356 Foundations of Digita

Based on course readings and discussion of online ad formats, design an online ad campaign for a client of your choosing.

Online ad formats may include email marketing, social media ad … etc

This client can be a prototype/fake client. Indeed, it might be easier if the client is fake, since if you choose a real client, permission must be secured for use of their brand, tagline, logo etc., with a note of contact information for the client to enable verification.

The ad campaign should have three online ads of various formats and sizes. The campaign messaging/style should be consistent among them all (i.e., someone who sees a banner ad, a sponsored twitter post, and an email ad should find it clear from design and copy that it’s the same campaign) and conform to standard ad format rules. If Facebook is one of your platforms, you must chose a different type of ad if another one of your platforms is Instagram as they have similar requirements for similar ad types. Specific formats that can and cannot be used will be discussed further in class.

This will be submitted along with a short (2 page double spaced) write up that outline your design decisions and

challenges. Please see the lecture slides and your notes from class for more details. The first lecture includes a number of tips for all of the assignments. Please use APA

Please remember you ads need to look like they would if published online and be web ready (proper format e.g. png/jpg for FB/Instagram) – examples of possible mockup help (DO NOT Use CANVA for Facebook/Instagram/ or other ad mock ups only for images for example): 

Facebook/Instagram (remember you cannot use the same format for each platform if you choose both of these) e.g. choose for Facebook and for Instagram

Google Adwords:

Email Marketing – Free templates with the free plan:

Banner Ad Standard Sizes (see p. 294 in the textbook)

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