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Last year, about 585,000 individuals—nearly 1,600 a day—left state and federal prisons to return home. Over the past generation, sentencing policy in the United States has been characterized by three interrelated developments, one well known, two less so: the growth in imprisonment rates, the fragmentation of sentencing philosophy, and the weakening of parole. Taken together, they have had profound consequences on the reintegration of released prisoners.


Conduct Internet and/or library research to further your knowledge on this topic. Then write a paper that addresses the following questions:


  • What is the profile of the typical reentering prisoner? How has this profile changed over the years?

  • What are the five social domains that affect the reentry process? How do they affect the reentry process?

  • What are the policy implications of the reintegration perspective?

  • 2-3 pages, apa format, abstract


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