CC WK 4 The Real Difference B

  1. Your mission is to prepare for the Battle. Read the following articles/chapters/podcasts and select one to report on. Write a one page paper, describing, analyzing and evaluating concepts from your selection.This assignment will be 3 pages title page, essay, and reference page this should be in APA format,
  2. Open Textbook
    • Stokes, R. (2018). eMarketing: The essential guide to marketing in a digital world (6th ed.). Red and Yellow.
      • Chapter 11: Search advertising.
      • Chapter 12: Online advertising.
      • Chapter 13: Social media advertising.
      • Chapter 14: Customer relationship management.
      • Chapter 15: Content marketing strategy.
      • Chapter 16: Social media platforms.
      • Chapter 17: Social media strategy.
      • Chapter 18: Direct marketing: email and mobile.
      • Chapter 19: Video marketing.

    Social Media Advertising

    Public Relations

    Customer Relationships


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