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Annotated Bibliographies on Research Paper Topic

30 points Due Sunday, May 2, 11:59 pm

  • Create 3 annotated bibliographies
  • Each on a separate page
  • MLA formatted


Learning how to create an Annotated Bibliography is very useful whenever you write an essay or paper because it enables you to keep a record of your sources with information about each source that is pertinent to the topic of your paper. Carefully read the Annotated Bibliography Guidelines to learn what it is and what information you should include in it. When deciding on a protest movement, think about what you could argue. Since this is an argument research paper, consider a controversial aspect of a movement and take a position as your argument. For example, the March for our Lives movement advocates for stricter gun control laws, but many Americans claim the Second Amendment protects gun owners against any restrictions. You could argue on either side.


  • Decide on your research paper topic.
    • The topic will be one of the protest movements we have discussed.
    • Or, you may choose a different movement, but please check with me for approval.
  • Choose reliable sources. Websites that are dot org or dot net are usually neutral, unbiased; some dot com sites are reliable, like newspapers and news outlets (CBS, PBS, NBC); online videos from YouTube or TED. Do not use Wikipedia.
  • You will need to find at least five sources for your paper.
    • Choose three sources and create an annotated bibliography for each source.
  • Submit three annotated bibliographies, each on a separate page.
  • Follow the guidelines and example in 11.3.

Annotated Bibliography Example

Kuebler, Martin. “Has COVID Changed Fridays for Future?” DW, 19 Mar. 2021, (Deutsche Welle) is a global English-language news source based in Germany. The author of the article, Martin Kuebler, is a journalist for DW. The article was published on the DW website on March 19, 2021. The main assertion or central theme of the article is that the global movement, Fridays for Future, began by climate activist Greta Thunberg, has adapted to the restrictions of mass gatherings due to the pandemic by going online. Kuebler has interviewed climate activists in many countries to show how they are continuing to advocate. The article points out that due to COVID, the online movement has become more interconnected among countries, and the overall message has evolved by addressing issues like climate justice. There are several excellent videos and quotes by experts that support the message of the article. The article’s focus on the opinions of activists around the world and the positive effects of the pandemic on the movement has expanded the scope of my topic.

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