homework 15

Please review the following HBS case and submit by noon on Thursday, July 27th, a 1-page MAX analysis (see case analysis template link below) to prepare for our case discussion:

Levendary Cafe: The China ChallengeLinks to an external site., Christopher A. Bartlett; Arar Han, 4357-PDF-ENG

o   Your 1-page MAX analysis may be submitted as a bulletized outline and/or legible, presentable mind-map.

o   Please consider this conceptual case analysis template when reading & analyzing each case study.

Drawing on our weekly readings and Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”, please discuss in your written submission your insights to the following discussion questions:

1.    How would you evaluate the way Levendary Café entered the China market?

2.    What changes, if any, would you recommend that..

·       ..Mia Foster should consider?

·       ..Mia should do about Louis Chen?

·       ..headquarters consider?

·       What actions should Mia take regarding the need for continued growth in China?

·       What should she include on her agenda for her meeting with Chen?

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Movies and television are very important in our culture: as a pastime and as a glimpse into our culture. The placement of specific brands and products in movies has become a lucrative way for businesses to make money by selling the link between the movie or show and the product in the mind of the consumer.

Reflect on your favorite movie or television show from the past year. Watch the movie or episode again, and pay attention to product placement. In a short paper of 1-2 pages describe the products and how the movie or show used them. Was the placement obvious? How did it tie-in to the story? What was the benefit to the business selling the product and the movie or television show by placing this product?

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Question 4

Convergence is the term often used to describe technical devices that evolve and adopt the functionality of other devices. For instance, television adopted recording functions, once owned by the VCR, with the advent of digital video recorders such as TIVO. Computers are now adopting the functionality of television with streaming video broadcasts. Cellular phones with Internet and video capabilities are an example of a convergent device.

As technology continues to converge how will our emotional connection and perceptions of media change? Will this be good thing? How will convergence change business’ approach to media? Explain.

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In 200 words each:

  1. What factors shaped the decision of Burberry historically to offshore and out-license its value infrastructure?
  2. What factors have shaped the decision of Burberry to reshore some of its value infrastructure?   Does this suggest that higher globalization of the nations and of the firms makes reshoring more attractive.  Why or Why not?
  3. How has the strategy and organization of Burberry evolved, as it decided to first offshore, and then reshore, some of its value infrastructure?

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Discussion 2

Assignment 1: Discussion—Case Study: General Machinery, Ltd

Ratio analysis is a method used to analyze the financial reports of a company and interpret trends in the company’s performance. As a nonaccounting manager, you use numerous ratios to analyze your company’s performance year-by-year and benchmark the performance to industry averages, to an individual competitor’s performance, or against a predetermined target.

For this assignment, read “Case study question 7.2: General Machinery Ltd” on page 168 in chapter 7 of our textbook, Accounting for Managers: Interpreting Accounting Information for Decision Making. Using the data from the case study, repond to the tasks below.


Consider the following scenario for this assignment: You are an external investor who is considering General Machinery as one of the potential companies for investment. Respond to the following in your initial discussion post:

  1. Discuss the major issues facing the company.
  2. Recommend what actions the company should take to improve its overall performance, addressing each of profitability, liquidity, gearing, activity, and shareholder return measures.
  3. In what way does the Statement of Cash Flows help you to interpret the ratios and financial performance of the company?
  4. What information does ratio analysis provide for meeting the requirements of the case questions?
  5. Which ratios are the most important, and which ones are of limited value? Justify your choices for the scenario.
  6. Why do you need to compare:
  • The current year ratios with the prior year ratios?
  • The ratios of competitors in the same industry or some other benchmark?

Other than the computations used in ratio analysis, what else is necessary to properly analyze a company for investment?

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The Discussion Board (DB) is part of the core of online learning. Classroom discussion in an online environment requires the active participation of students and the instructor to create robust interaction and dialogue. Every student is expected to create an original response to the open-ended DB question as well as engage in dialogue by responding to posts created by others throughout the week. At the end of each unit, DB participation will be assessed based on both level of engagement and the quality of the contribution to the discussion.

At a minimum, each student will be expected to post an original and thoughtful response to the DB question and contribute to the weekly dialogue by responding to at least two other posts from students. The first contribution must be posted before midnight (Central Time) on Friday of each week. Two additional responses are required after Friday of each week. Students are highly encouraged to engage on the Discussion Board early and often, as that is the primary way the university tracks class attendance and participation.

The purpose of the Discussion Board is to allow students to learn through sharing ideas and experiences as they relate to course content and the DB question. Because it is not possible to engage in two-way dialogue after a conversation has ended, no posts to the DB will be accepted after the end of each unit.

Discussion Board Question

Review these scenarios:

  • Your boss owns 2,000 shares of stock of one of the vendors, his wife works for another vendor, and he is on the procurement selection committee for the project.
  • A third vendor in contention for this project has offered everyone on your team tickets to the hockey game this weekend in the company box with dinner included.
  • Your stock broker is recommending the purchase of a technology mutual fund that contains stock belonging to several of the vendors in contention. 

In your opinion, are there any ethics violations in these three scenarios? For each scenario, is there a way to avoid the ethics conflict? What do you see as the legal ramifications of your alternatives on the effectiveness of the project? Will the alternatives positively or negatively affect the effort?

In your own words, post a substantive response to the Discussion Board question(s) and comment on other postings. Your response should address the DB question(s) and move the conversation forward. You will be graded on the quality of your postings, including mastery of the concept as well as critical thinking. If asked for your opinion, do not simply state that it is a good or bad idea; elaborate on your reasons and argument. Include enough detail to substantiate your thinking as well as your position on the questions or comments.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

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