Case study Sally Burgess is th

Case study Sally Burgess is the administrative assistant for David Matulin, the general manager of Aptech Institute Pty Ltd, a computer training group located in Brisbane, Hobart and Canberra. Aptech offers diplomas and short courses in the IT field. Most of the short courses are specially geared towards the corporate world. They are accredited by Microsoft for example to offer courses on behalf of Microsoft. Similarly they have a tie up to offer SAP accreditation to students. Sally is based at the head office in Hobart. She will be taking maternity leave shortly, so David has asked her to prepare detailed notes covering each of her major responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is to coordinate several important meetings. Sally organises the bi-monthly board meetings, the fortnightly meetings between branch heads at the Hobart location, and the monthly meetings between the operations managers of each office. The board meeting routinely includes discussion of the current sales performance for each location and each department, review of the latest financial results, decisions on any facility changes, and status reports on proposed new training centres anywhere in Australia. Each meeting may also include different items depending on current business concerns. The department meeting includes a short report on sales versus expenses target for each branch manager, staffing issues, sharing information on key initiatives for each branch, training initiatives and updates for the managers from David and the operations manager Rodger, to the rest of the team. The Operations managers meeting includes a finance report, sales report and discussion of key concerns and initiatives. Sarah Evans attends to present the Finance Report. Other managers are invited as required by discussion items on the agenda. As well as writing detailed work instructions, Sally decides to create templates for each of the major documents. The board members are: David Matulin Chairman and general manager, Aptech Institute Pty Ltd Penelope Canning Menon Treasurer Rodger Hall Operations manager, Aptech Melbourne Sarah Polzin Board member Tracey Burton Board member Helen Stig Board member Administrative assistant/secretary (currently performed by Sally Burgess) The Operations managers are: Rodger Hall Operations manager, Aptech, Brisbane Sven Erlic Operations manager, Aptech, Canberra Jennifer Polzin Operations manager, Aptech, Hobart The Department managers are: David Matulin Operations manager, Aptech Tasmania Kirk Pinner Business Development manager Robyn Bloomfield Business Improvement manager Steve Clarke Admissions manager Alicia Flack Kone Marketing manager Lidia Zbrog Admissions manager Sarah Evans Finance manager

1. Prepare a complete task list for coordinating the Board Meeting, including:

a) issuing notices Notice of Board Meeting refers to a formal document, that informs Board Members regarding venue, time, date and agenda of the meeting

b) issuing agenda

c) circulating documents in advance of the board meeting

d) issuing minutes

e) following-up action items.

f) logistical arrangements.

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