Case study (choice of writer)

Case study (choice of writer)

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i need 9 pages case study, and 7 pages annotated bibliography, for the annotated bibliography, i would just need 5 out of the 10 sources used in the case study.

Your framework for this assignment was good. But you needed to be more explicit about how the article you chose related to overall argument. The introduction should clearly summarise how the rest of the assignment will dress your topic.
Research skills
On of your resources appear to be from 1991(although you claimed that it was from 2013), and you did not include it to your appendix. In general you needed to focus more on articles describing how OB theory can be applied to the problem of ethics in organizations. It would have been good to include articles that weren’t specifically about Zimbabwe if they allowed to do this –all organizing share some common aspect. Although articles were generally drawn from high quality source, they were not correctly referenced. In aIDition, some summarise were too short and other were too long. while some summarise showed god understanding of key issue. Others were less substantial. Strength and weakness were not evaluated in methodical manner.
Quality of argument
You relied too heavily on one source (Agere.2014) and did not integrate all your sources into your argument. You actually referred to an article that wasn’t mentioned in your bibliography (Rampal,2009),more than several of the articles you did mentioned combined. Citation were incorrect. You did not apply OB theory from your chosen articles to explain why unethical behavior occurs and why it’s a problem.
Your written expression throughout this assignment was flawed. While your writing was generally understandable, it detracted from professionalism of your assignment. Extra source referred to in your summary were not referenced correctly. Not all source that you discussed were included in your appendix. Formatting was inconsistent, with too many small paragraph.
Overall while you shoed a good understanding of the key issues. Your assignment di not sufficiently aIDress the criteria. Make sure that you keep your argument focused and support it with OB literature

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