Case study 4

Case Study 4

You are the risk manager for a large city (you can use the nearest metropolitan area to where you are currently located). You have been asked to prepare an overview report of the municipal emergency response to a “dirty bomb” incident. Include an introduction that examines the availability of low-level nuclear material stateside and abroad. Also address the logistics of decontamination and the disposal of contaminated property and clean-up materials.

Case Study Requirements

1.  Cover sheet that contains the Course Name, Case Study #4, your name, and the date     
2.  Proper use of spelling, grammar, and paragraphing
3.  A Works Cited page as the last page that includes all relevant information about your sources including author name(s) if known. If the source in an Internet source, include the date of retrieval and a full URL. (See APA Style & Example documents in Doc Sharing for reference.)
4.  This assignment should be two to three pages in length (500-750 words).

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