Case Study

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Part 1

In 1985, a Task Force on Black and Minority Health convened by the Secretary, DHHS, asked the NIH to determine why minorities were experiencing higher rates of diseases, disability, and death than the overall U.S. population and to work to eliminate such health disparities. Health disparities are an important factor to consider when creating a plan of care. A Plan of Care, otherwise known as a Care Plan, is defined by Collins Engligh Dictionary as “a plan forthe medical care of a particular patient or the welfare of a child in care”. As a healthcare worker, it is your responsibility to do your best to help your patient be as healthy as possible. Choose a specific patient demographic (specify age, gender, & ethnicity) and create a Plan of Care to decrease the prevalence of health care disparities in your patient.

part 2

Choose one of the universal cultural factors that can affect an individual’s health and health care. Explain why it would be important for a provider to understand how this factor affects the life of a patient.

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