Case of William Final Paper Due

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As you explored in Week 8, multiple multicultural identities can exist within an individual as separate identities, or they can comprise that individual’s one identity. You also examined how multiple multicultural identities influence professional practice. It is difficult to grasp the complexity of honoring and taking into account an individual’s multiple multicultural identities when examining them in a theoretical context. With this Assignment, you analyze various factors of a specific client’s life in the context of that client’s multiple multicultural identities. Your client is William Thompson, a member of the AYR Threaded Family Case Study. How might your analysis of William’s multiple multicultural identities and their effect on his life influence your work with William?

For your Final Paper, review the Learning Resources, including the William Thompson Case Study document and the media segment on William as depicted in the AYR Threaded Family Case Study media piece. You may also find it helpful to revisit resources from earlier in the course or from the week in-residence. Then consider what factors a psychologist might encounter while working with William and how a psychologist might respond to them. Also think about what specific aspects of William’s multiple multicultural identities might affect your assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of William. Finally, taking into account the complexities and various layers of his multicultural identities, reflect on questions or considerations you might need to consider while working with him.

Submit a 10- to 12-page APA-formatted paper analyzing the influence of multiple multicultural identities on your work with William Thompson. Your Final Paper must include the following elements:

  • A description of at least three multicultural identities as described by the characteristics, life circumstances, family relationships, or social influences of William Thompson, integrating information from research, course materials and Assignments, and your experience during the in-residence component of this course
  • An explanation of the social context for William’s multiple layers of identity
  • An explanation of the identity factors you, as a psychologist, need to consider when working with William, and how you might respond to those factors
  • An explanation of how the complexities and various layers of William’s multiple multicultural identities might affect the primary areas of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment
  • An explanation of the theoretical approach you would use when assessing William, establishing a clinical diagnosis (if any), and engaging in therapy
  • An explanation of additional questions you would ask William to further support your assessment and diagnosis of his presenting concerns
  • An assessment of how William’s PTSD diagnosis (including DSM IV-TR diagnosis information) might influence his identities and the potential strategies for processing his military background and subsequent experiences related to his career and family, as well as in treatment
  • An explanation of the role of spirituality and/or religion as they relate to William’s identities, and what impact this may have on his diagnosis, comprehensive and competent assessment, and treatment (the therapy process)
  • An explanation of the multicultural theories that support the therapeutic approach you would use when working with William
  • An explanation of the APA ethical codes as they relate to multicultural competency and professional interactions with William
  • An explanation of how any potential biases and/or worldview conflicts might influence your work with William and any plans for future professional development related to multicultural psychological practice

The paper must include a minimum of 10 primary references from the psychological literature that support your theoretical approach in terms of assessment and diagnosis related to William’s multiple multicultural identities and presenting concerns, as well as your therapeutic approach related to treatment for William. Be sure to cite in APA format all references used in the development of this Final Paper, both within the paper and in a bibliography.

For more information on the requirements for the Case of William Final Paper, please review the Case of William Final Paper Overview document located in this Week’s Learning Resources.

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