Case Analysis-Peer Review

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Your responsibility, as a reviewer, is to follow the guidelines and rubric and give cogent, professional feedback to the student whom you are assigned to review each week. Successful reviews reflect the following:

The assessment is performed with the perspective that the given concept(s) will function successfully.

You will review one case analysis. Review each section in the case analysis and write a comment to it.

It is assumed that the case analysis contains these elements: Summary, Problem, Significance of the Problem, Two Alternative Actions, Two advantages and disadvantages per alternative action and Recommendation. So confirm whether they exist or not. If there is a deficiency in one of these elements, write a small comment that he or she were supposed to add this item.

I will attach guidelines to you and you have to read it very carefully. Also, i will attach to you the case analysis that you will review.

I will show you the assignment of this case analysis to compare it with the answer of the person who analyzed the case.To become clear to you what is the assignment you will review.


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