Case Analysis

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Case Analysis

Your consulting firm has been contracted to perform its first comprehensive case analysis. You will use concepts and skills from throughout this course and your previous courses to provide a thorough analysis of the case you submitted for approval in Week 7. Remember that this is a professional presentation, which is a reflection of the quality, integrity, and reputation of your consulting group. Some concepts to consider include:

  • What does the psychological literature say about this type of crime? Provide sound foundation for what the literature says about the crime and type of offender?
  • Summary/timeline of event
  • Offender(s) Characteristics-consistent with the literature or an anomaly
  • Crime Scene Characteristics/Elements of the event
  • Victim(s) Characteristics-relationship to the offender (high-/low-risk victims)
  • Was there an implicit/explicit threat associated with the crime/event? How can you manage or monitor the threat(s)?
  • What interviews might need to be performed? If historical, whom would you have wanted to interview? What about the use of a psychological autopsy?
  • What documents were recovered, examined, and reviewed? What would you still like to review if you had the opportunity?

By Day 7

submit one PowerPoint and giving a comprehensive analysis of your assigned case to the Final Project Part II submission link. In addition, submit a Evaluation form your Evaluation submission link.

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