Case 1 Last Call for Billy Bob. Case 2 Byron Uniform Company

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Case 1

Last Call for Billy Bob

Dan was smiling to himself and feeling rather smug as he approached his next customer.After slaving away in a mediocre territory, he had been rewarded with a promotion to a more lucrative area.Today Dan was meeting with Billy Bob, the purchasing agent for a large company in his new territory.Billy Bob had always been loyal customer and although this was their first meeting, Dan fully expected a large order would result from the sales call today.

Smiling, Dan entered and offered Billy Bob his hand, and said “Hello, I’m Dan from Manfred Enterprises.How are you…”

Before Dan could even get the words out of his mouth, Billy Bob broke in.

“Who the hell are you?Where’s my buddy Irvin?You know we’ve been doing business together for almost 12 years now.I just don’t deal with anybody else, much less a greenhorn.Where the hell is Irvin?We spent a lot of time together—hell, we darn near shut down Sam’s Saloon one night.I’ll just have to call Irvin at home and see what the hell is going on.”

Dan recalled Irvin bragging about the order he received that night at Sam’s Saloon.Dan also knew that Irvin had been fired for drinking on the job.

Dan was struck with a sense of panic.How could he respond to Billy Bob’s comments without risking the account?

Specifically, what should he say to the customer?

What are the potential consequences?

Case 2

Byron Bay Uniform

Byron Bay Uniform specializes in providing uniforms to hotels and restaurants. They are a new company from Australia trying to rea into the U.S. Market. They have faced difficulty in getting into large accounts (Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton) because as a new company, they don’t have the name recognition in the United States.

As the account executive in your area, you have been working on a new Hilton hotel with over 5,000 rooms and 500 employees. Recently, you submitted a proposal and the buyer, Phil Buc, has toldyou he is leaning your way with the order. He also told you that this order must come off without a hitch as his hide is on the line if things go wrong. This order will ensure that you significantly exceed your quota, and would probably result in you winningslot for President’s Club, which result in n all expense a trip to Rome for you and a guest.

You know there could be a problem down the road as one of your unions has been negotiating a contract that is about to expire. The last time this contract came up, there was a strike and the orders were backlogged for weeks. Still, you have been told by other employees that a strike does not always occur. The hotel has many customized uniforms and has to have these for their grand opening in three months.

Having this information, what is your obligation to the hotel?

Specifically, what do you do or say, if anything?

Create a single word document and answer the questions at the end of Case 1 and Case 2.

Case 1

Last Call for Billy Bob

  • Considering the consequences, what should the salesperson say to the customer?
  • What are some possible consequences?

Case 2

Byron Uniform Company (page 47 in textbook)

  • What is the salesperson’s obligation to the hotel, given his/her information?
  • Specifically, what should the salesperson do or say?