Carbohydrates and Fats: Implications for Health

For this  Assignment, Pretend you have been assigned a “client” who comes into your office and was placed on an 1800 ADA diet due to their Type 1 Diabetes. Using Appendix F (see attachment), please compose a sample meal plan following the breakdown below. Make sure to provide all serving sizes of the foods you choose including all liquids and solids.

The meal plan provides the following breakdown:


Starches- 2

Fruit- 1

Protein- 1

Fat- 1

Dairy- 1


Starch- 2

Fruit- 1

Protein- 2

Fat- 1

Dairy- 1

Mid-morning snack:

Fruit- 1

Starch- 1

Non-starchy vegetable- 2


Starches- 3

Fruit- 1

Protein – 3

Non-starchy vegetables- 2

Fat- 2

Night snack:



Save your Assignment as a Word document

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