Cap stone discussion 2

Topic- Criminal Justice reform in NYS positives and negatives and shortcomings. You will need to look at alternatives–perhaps explain what criminal Justice reform looks like in NY and then look at possible alternatives for Criminal Justice reform, including the current model in that set of analyses. the goal is to examine the policy that needs change by looking at a universe of 8 alternatives followed by an in depth study of the 5 that have the best chance of success.

With that I will be creating an outline for this capstone objective which is criminal justice reform in NYS utilizing the below framework for submission.

a) Capstone objective,

A- You must reduce your proposed objective to one simple sentence, beginning with the word “to.

Example- “To develop an innovative police-community relations model for the 107 Precinct.”

b) Prepare background statement on the problem and (5 paragraphs)the universe of alternatives/solutions(citing sources) and those discarded.

B-”Background of the Problem

You must submit an abbreviated Background of the Problem section that provides the reader with the reason and urgency to accomplish your proposed objective and resolve your particular organizational or policy problem.

This section must be a minimum of five (5) paragraphs and it must demonstrate that you have conducted some preliminary research.

Note – You are to cite a minimum of two (2) research citations in this section, using the APA style format.

III. Proposed Alternatives/Solutions

You are to refer to the CJL 501 syllabus/course outline and follow the exact directions outlined in that particular section of the syllabus.

Once you have explored the universe of potential Alternatives and discarded those that are not feasible, then you must list and define five (5) proposed Alternatives, which will be submitted for comparative analysis.

Note – Be sure to cite your research sources by using the APA format.

IV. Decision Criteria

(Although this will be required shortly after your proposal is submitted: it is not necessary to submit for the proposal due date)

You are to list, define, and assign relative weights to each of your five (5) Decision Criteria.

Note: You are not to conduct any analysis at the proposal stage or provide any Matrix Analysis. Put simply, there is no matrix included in your proposal; you are not yet ready to conduct a full-blown comparative analysis. Your job at this point is to obtain approval of your proposal and permission to go forward with your applied research project.

V. Preliminary References: APA Style Must Be Used

In this section, you are to cite a minimum of five (5) research sources that you consulted and which have been cited in your Background of the Problem and your Proposed Alternatives/Solutions sections.

You may consult books, journals, newspaper and magazine articles, and valid websites. Unless approved by the professor, research mentioned in magazine and newspaper articles must be cited from the original research sources as well as the newspaper and magazine. You should not be overly reliant on websites and, for the purpose of the proposal, do not cite more than two (2) website citations. Most acceptable websites end in .edu or .org or .gov and represent an educational organization or a non-profit or governmental agency.

Important: The only acceptable format is the APA style method for citing all research citation.

Of course, your full-blown Project must include all of the research sources you consulted and cited throughout your applied research project.

must be submitted in Microsoft WORD format.

-I Will also need Two separate Generic Response posts I will post them in the additions portion when received. –

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