cannibis article critique

cannibis article critique

Paper instructions:
critique on cannabis article.

– select five articles that reflect current policies and social attitudes toward cannabis. Using a range of sources (book chapters, journals, newspapers, on-line etc.)

Critique the articles providing a brief overview of the contents supported by your analysis of the central arguments being put forward. (350–400 words per article)


This assignment is designed to help you:

• describe the central tenets of a range of theoretical frameworks relating to the construct of drug aIDiction;?

• demonstrate an understanding of the importance of contemporary public opinion on the development of social and political responses to substance use; ?• critically assess the factors that influence the development of government legislation in aIDressing drug and alcohol use and gambling in society;

?• display critical and reflective judgment;?

• demonstrate research skills;?

• show evidence of independent learning.
As such, this task is designed to assess your progress with learning the following subject outcomes:?

• Be able to describe the processes of drug absorption and distribution

• Be able to describe the actions of various drugs in the Central Nervous System

• Be able to describe the mechanisms of tolerance, physical dependence and withdrawal

• Be able to describe the influence of psychological, social, cultural and political factors on drug dependence

• Be able to outline behavioural and social models of drug dependence?
Marking criteria
Please see the full marking rubric in the Interact Resources folder, which will include the performance standards to indicate what level of work is related to a Pass, Credit, Distinction, or High Distinction for this assessment task. Here are the key marking criteria and percentage considerations for this assessment item:
? Demonstrate and apply knowledge of the topic
? Present own perspective supported by evidence
? Clearly described?
? Evidence of logical analysis and argument?
? Communicate in academic writing:
? Structure?
? Conventions of written English (grammar, punctuation, spelling)?
? Research skills and utilisation of relevant and appropriate literature?
? Consistent implementation of appropriate referencing requirements?
Considerations will be given to:
? 50% AIDressed the required content
? 20% Presented own ideas using clear description and logical analysis and argument
? 20% Used research skills to identify and collate relevant material
? 10% Presented work logically and with good grammar, spelling, punctuation and

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