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The focus of Memo # 2 is growth strategies. This memo has three parts. In the first two sections, I would like you to apply two specific and well-established frameworks to analyzing the growth strategy of your company. In the third section, I would also like you to discuss what your company is doing to reach consumers outside the US or, if it is purely domestic, what it is doing to reach underserved markets, such as consumers with bad or no credit.

A) Please watch the accompanying video and use the Miles and Snow Organizational Strategy typology to describe what category your company is in and why. (It is very important to explain why you think your company is in the category that you have selected. You need to explain the rationale for your decision).

Miles and Snow's Organizational Strategies

B) Please use the Ansoff Matrix below to describe what type of growth strategy the company that you have selected is pursuing. Is it attempting to create new products or find new customers or a combination thereof? Please make certain to explain why your company is pursuing a specific strategy rather than an other. It would also be helpful if you could evaluate whether you think your company will be successful. (Please watch the accompanying video)

Ansoff Matrix - Wikipedia

C) Please explain what your company is doing to reach the 95% of the world population that resides outside the US? (Even though globalization is currently unfashionable, enormous commercial opportunities exist beyond the borders of the United States. Companies have to give thought to how they wish to address those opportunities). If your company does not have international operations, you can discuss whether it should pursue international opportunities or whether there is a domestic market that it can pursue that is currently not being served or underserved.

  • Miles and Snow’s Organizational Strategies
    To succeed in any competition requires a strategy. It doesn’t particularly matter where you are competing, or what you are competing in, you are going to need a strategy if you are to come out on top. The point of departure of any strategy is a self-assessement. You need to assess the position you are in as a company.That concept is true in sports, and it is certainly true in business. Even companies with the best products in the world need a sound strategy in order to make sure those products wind up in the hands of as many consumers as possible. An organization without a clearly defined strategy is destined to fail.In order to match up your organizational goals with the strategies that you use on an ongoing basis, it may be helpful to consult with Miles and Snow’s Organizational Strategies tool.The ideas presented in this tool can be greatly helpful when trying to ensure that all actions taken within an organization are working toward the same desired result. If a company’s strategy does not make sense of the goals that it has in place, it will be difficult to reach a satisfactory conclusion.Miles and Snow identify four unique strategies that are used by organizations. Below we will quickly look at each of these four, and what they say about the underlying business.Prospector
    When an organization falls into the category of Prospector, they are expected to consistently be on the forefront of innovation and development. Rather than sitting still with products that have been previously developed and taken to market, prospecting organizations are always seeking to create the ‘next big thing’.By definition, this type of organization is going to have some huge successes, and they are also likely to have some big misses as well. The goal, of course, is to have the hits outweigh the misses, so that the company can continue to afford to innovate well into the future.Technology companies often fall into the category of Prospector, but not always. Some tech companies continue to push the envelope, trying to lead the way in new product development – which can force the competition to constantly play catch up. However, other tech companies will simply rest on what they have done and ride it out for maximum profits until the market moves on to something else.Defender
    As the name would indicate, this is an organization that is satisfied with their current place in the market – and they are going to work hard to defend it as the years go by. Instead of investing time and money into trying to develop new products to take to the market, this kind of an organization is going to sit back and reap the rewards of what they have already created.Of course, no one can stay in business by sitting still, so it will be necessary to make at least modest improvements along the way to remain relevant and competitive. Often, these developments come ‘behind the scenes’ in the form of manufacturing improvements, cost savings, etc.It should be noted that a firm does not have to remain in just one of these strategy categories for its entire existence. It is quite common for firms to shift from one to the other as markets develop. Commonly, companies that were once considered innovative in their space will slide gradually into defender territory as less and less innovation is possible in their given market. Understanding when and how to shift from one strategy to another is crucial if profits and market share are to be maintained.Analyzer
    In many ways, organizations that land in the analyzer category are a blend of the first two options on the list. These tend to be some of the biggest companies around, as they have the capacity to both develop new technologies and products as well as defend the market for those they have already created.When you think of the biggest brand names in the world, many of them are going to fit nicely under the analyzer definition.Usually, the companies that are true analyzers will not actually be the first to create something, but they may instead improve upon the creation of another firm. Therefore, they are innovators to a degree, but not in the truest sense of the word. This type of firm will generally sit back, observe the market and its demands, and then seek to fill those demands as successfully as possible. Thanks to their typically large size, this type of company can be late to the market with a specific product and still be successful in the end.Reactor
    The final category on the list, those firms that land in the reactor category really have no one specific approach to their business. It should go without saying that organizations generally do not want to fall into the reactor class, as this means that they are simply trying to catch up with the market as things change over time.Taking a reactive approach to business is how many large companies wind up losing market share over time. Even businesses with great ideas, products, and employees can wind up lagging behind if their management team takes a reactive approach to their decision making. It is nearly inevitable that companies who react to the market are going to be passed up by the organizations who innovate, defend, or analyze successfully.It is important to know where your organization fits within this framework. Once you have a clear picture of which of these four ways you are going to use to compete in the market, you can then structure the design of your operations in a way that will suit the strategy you have taken. For instance, as company that wants to innovate is going to need plenty of creative thinkers within the organization in order to actually lead the way in terms of new creations. Without the right people, or the proper infrastructure, it is hard to successfully execute your intended strategy over the years to come.Key Points

    • Miles and Snow suggest that business level strategies generally fall into one of four categories: prospector, defender, analyzer, and reactor.
    • A Prospector is innovative and growth oriented, searches for new markets and new growth opportunities, and encourages risk taking.
    • A Defender protects their current markets, maintains stable growth, and serves current customers.
    • An Analyzer maintains current markets and current customer satisfaction with moderate emphasis on innovation.
    • A Reactor has no clear strategy but reacts to changes in the environment and drifts with events.
    • The ideas presented in this tool can be greatly helpful when trying to ensure that all actions taken within an organization are working toward the same desired result.

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Guidelines for Reading Response 1 

Respond to: Habermas’ essay “The Public Sphere: An Encyclopedia Article” and Pincus’ essay “Coffee Politicians Does Create”  

Since you are responding to two essays

  • Begin by writing a brief summary (50-100 words for each reading). These summaries should be in your own words and focus on the main ideas presented in each reading. 

After this short summary section, respond to the following questions. For this section you can choose to focus on both readings or just focus on one reading (whichever you are most interested in)

  • What I understood:
    • In the “what I understood section” write about the concepts and ideas that you understood and explain what they mean to you. This should go beyond summarizing and include a reflection/response component. For example, if you understood that there are different ways of analyzing languages (that’s summary) you can also think about what that means to you, how you understand it (for example, you might think about scenarios where you have seen or used these concepts), and what the value of these ideas are for you and for the rest of the class.
  • What I don’t understand: 
    • In the “what I don’t understand” section explain what concepts you didn’t get and why. You can ask questions here and try to work out what the meaning was. If you end up understanding it after you wrote it in this section, just keep it as is. 
  • What I’m excited about:
    • In this section, explain what ideas you are excited about, interested in, or just curious about. Explain those in some detail. 

Style: Your reading response should be close to a free-write but a little more formal. That is, you should write them without too much tinkering, but you should polish them (edit them) after you’re done. Write it in one sitting and then go back reread it and fix any little mistakes you catch.  

Length: I estimate that each section might be around 100-200 words, so one entry should be around 400-500 words. As long as it is not under 300 words, you will receive credit for your reading response. You can quote from the essays, just make sure to include quotation marks and page numbers and be sure to do something with the quote (explain it, question it, relate to it, etc). 

Optional: If you’re not sure what to respond to, here are some questions to get you thinking. You are not required to answer all or any, but they may be helpful.

  1. What are the concerns Habermas has about the modern public sphere? Do you share those concerns? What other issues regarding the public sphere are you concerned about?
  2. Pincus describes the historical coffee house, how are coffee shops today in comparison? Are these still spaces of the public sphere? If so, how? If not, what might we do to change that? Is there a modern version of the coffeehouse in our society? 

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You will compose a 3 page narrative essay (750 words) in which you will (1) develop a detailed description of your specific group to which you belong, one that is significant to you.  Your description may include a significant story that will help your readers to fully experience it (make your reader see, hear).  Then (2) consider all the different parts that might have meaning for the group—from the ordinary to the unusual; here you’ll develop your main focus or idea, your thesis.  

For ways into this topic, you might want to describe and explain the answer to any of the following questions.  Take your time to explore your topic/questions.  Ultimately, you will pick and write on only ONE question!

1. In what ways this group helped me shape my sense of identity? 

2. What important events make me particularly aware of my race, gender, social class, sexual orientation? (how you view yourself; how others view you);

3.  What is unique about the special events or social aspects like language or activities of my group? (how and when you gather; the special language you speak; the activities you engage in; the particular objects you use; the special events you attend);

4. What is the particular psychology of my group? (what sets me apart from others; how being a part of that group has affected my character; what special challenges and/or rewards come from being a part of that group);

5. What different attitudes do men, women or members of other cultural groups have towards shopping, parties, internet surfing, dating?

6. What symbols do they associate with themselves and what is unique about them? (cars, dress, chores, professions, activities, roles);

7. How does where I live—Martinez, the suburbs, northern California, West Coast vs. East Coast—affect how I see myself and how others see me?;

Your Thesis:

Your thesis will be your response to the above prompt and will, of course, assert your thoughtful opinion on the subject—your two or more reasons for your belief.  Your thesis will show your readers why your group matters; why you chose to write about it.  You will need to know why you believe what you believe and use your reasons as the basis of the organization of your paper.  Think of your thesis as an “organizing tool.”

Your Evidence:

I encourage you to use any relevant support you can to make your point, including but not limited to the following: your personal experience, the experience of others, key quotations from the readings, examples about identity from the media (movies, documentaries, news items).  In general, the more types of evidence you can wield to make your point, the more convincing your opinion and answer to the question. 

AUDIENCE—attempt to engage your reader in the very first paragraph (probably even before that with an engaging title).  Do this by using a story, description or dialog.  Plan to generalize about your group or situation after that through the use of transition.  Your readers are your classmates and your teacher;

PURPOSE—to explore the ‘meaning’ of something about one of the many groups you belong to.  The specificity and detailed insights will be a major factor in your evaluation (along with the success of your group description);

VOICE (TONE)select a voice appropriate to the material.  There is a chance that a light, humorous tone might be best for what you want to express.  However, if your message is concerned or frustrated one, make sure your word choices reflect that mood;

RULESminimum three typed pages (750 words).

Essay Organization Suggestions:

1) Your essay should have a clear introduction paragraph(s), body paragraphs, and finally, a conclusion paragraph if needed.

2) Your introduction paragraph(s) should include your thesis as the last sentence in your introduction paragraph(s).

3) Your body paragraphs should be full of narrative and descriptive detail about your group; you will focus on one point per paragraph.

4) Your conclusion may add to the big “So What?” question: Why does this group matter to you and why are you telling it to your reader?

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After reading the letters, provide an analysis based on the following questions:

  • What kind of content is usually included? What is excluded? How do writers use examples and evidence in these genres?
  • What rhetorical appeals do these genres use? How does the writer gain authority, use logic, or appeal to emotions?
  • How is the text structured? Narrative organization, conceptual organization, or something else? What are the different parts of the text?
  • What kind of formatting is used? How long or short is the text? What kind of layout is used?
  • What kind of sentences do you notice in the genre? Are they complex or simple, passive or active? Is there sentence variety?
  • What kinds of language is used? Do you notice any specialized terms? Is it formal or informal? 

Write a short analysis of the letters and discuss how persuasive or effective the letters are (250-500 words) . You may also end your original post with a question to your readers. Post your original response on Wednesday, October 20th.

Respond to two peers by answering questions or engaging in a conversation, you may also add to their analysis by pointing out new details. Make sure you post your replies by Sunday, October 24th.

Peer posts:

Katie Chavez

The public letter to Hitler by Gandhi uses ethos and pathos to convey its argument. Gandhi uses his political position to establish authority, but addresses Hitler as a friend through his emotional appeal; his argument also focuses mainly on the humanitarian crisis that the war has caused. The letter uses conceptual organization, since the content is abstract; the writer first denounces Hitler’s actions, then compares Hitler’s violent strategy with Gandhi’s own non violent strategies against their common opponent, Britain. Lastly, Gandhi asks Hitler to reconsider his own methods and end the violence he started. The letter is only two pages long and is formatted as a typical friendly letter one would write to someone close to them. Therefore, the letter uses generally informal language in an active voice, though with complex sentences and a high vocabulary. Although the writer includes some of the countries that Hitler has conquered in its complaint, it overall does not include many specific examples of Hitler’s atrocities, or elaborate why Hitler’s conquering of these countries is considered “monstrous”. It does not delve beyond its conceptual, abstract discussion, and for that reason, I find this letter largely unpersuasive for the letter’s intended audience.

The demand letter uses logos and pathos in its rhetorical appeals. The writer explains in great detail how the couple met all the requirements and standards to be dismissed without any problems, whereas the police officers had no logical reason to detain the couple. The writer also expresses the couple’s intense feelings throughout their experience to garner sympathy from the reader. The text uses narrative organization because it tells the couple’s story in chronological order, from the point when they were initially pulled over, to the field sobriety test, to the citation. This is also formatted as a friendly letter of two pages, but unlike Gandhi’s letter to Hitler, this letter is more detail oriented and so includes smaller and more frequent paragraphs. The writer uses formal language and a generally passive voice with simple but concise words in order to clearly state the facts. The writer is careful not to focus on the couple’s suspicions of the officers and merely offer an account of what actually happened. I found this letter highly persuasive, as facts are difficult to dispute, whereas ethos and pathos are more subjective rhetorical appeals.

Evin Shefa

I am going to focus on the Elvis and the Sinead letters. Elvis did use some examples when he said “The drug culture, the hippie elements, the SDS, Black Panthers, etc. do not consider me as their enemy or as they call it the establishment.” Sinead’s example was herself, and relating back to Miley when she was in Hannah Montana. So, like Elvis she did not really use evidence either. However, evidence did not really seem necessary in this type of letter writing. Meaning hers, I think Elvis could have used more in his. The Elvis letter uses a lot of pathos to try and appeal to Nixon. The Sinead letter is clearly almost all pathos. It was obviously a very personal topic for Sinead, otherwise she wouldn’t have taken the time to write it ( along with other ones she followed after that one.) The Elvis letter was extremely simple, borderline concerningly simple for his age at the time. That letter had a strange feel to it, like it was kind of bouncing around from point to point, in a few instances. The Sinead letter, I wouldn’t say was not anything near complex, but it definitely had more depth than the Elvis one. Granted, I am sure Elvis probably had to write this letter fairly quickly. Overall, I would have thought the Sinead letter would have been more effective, seeing as though she was one of Miley’s idols and it had so much pathos behind it. From what I read online though, so far Miley has not responded and Sinead has even, as I mentioned earlier, followed up with additional letters. The Elvis letter did not seem like it was very persuasive in of itself, but Nixon would have been foolish to not at least have him help push his agendas, due to Elvis’s enormous pull at the time.

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Lab 4 is concerned with conducting a review of the literature and identifying an article that is related to the topic you are researching. We ask you to use material that was covered in the stress and coping lecture ” i had attached”, carry out your own brief research inquiry

Step 1:

For your main discussion post, find one website that speaks to the relationship between stress, coping and illness, and respond to each prompt below: 

1) Provide the link to the website

2) Explain how the information that is presented on the website is related to what we discussed in class about stress and coping.

3) Use Google Scholar (Links to an external site.) to search for peer-reviewed academic articles related to stress and coping during the COVID-19 pandemic. Google Scholar helps you find reputable scientific articles that were peer-reviewed before they were published. It is a better resource for conducting university research than is the regular Google Search engine. You should use multiple keywords in your search (e.g., coping, stress, COVID-19, etc.). Locate an article on the list that Google Scholar (Links to an external site.) generates that interests you and read the abstract. Do not use the first article on the list (unless it is of special interest to you), otherwise, too many students will end up reporting on the exact same article. Provide a citation for the article in APA format (hint: you can find the citation in APA style by clicking the quotation marks under the article in Google Scholar), and write one to two sentences describing the article’s main topic.

4) Provide one example of how someone might use the coping strategies talked about in class (e.g., problem-focused coping) or through your research to help them handle stress related to the COVID-19 pandemic (for example, handling stress due to isolation, health, changes in routine, other general fears, etc.). Please feel free to provide your own unique example if you wish.

5) Explain how what you learned about stress, coping, and illness can be useful to you later in life.

Step 2: you need to comment in this post:

“1.… (Links to an external site.)

2. This article is interesting as it researches how children during the COVID era have turned to video and online games as a coping mechanism. Video or online games are a good example of emotion-focused coping. It can be used as a hearty distraction and helps with moderators of stress such as support as many online games are played with teams. It went on to talk about the positive outcomes of playing video games (such as healthy coping strategies, stress reduction, and community) it did mention overindulging in these games was likely to pose risks to healthy lifestyles and difficulties readapting to life after COVID.


King, D. L., Delfabbro, P. H., Billieux, J., & Potenza, M. N. (2020). Problematic online gaming and the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Behavioral Addictions, 9(2), 184–186. (Links to an external site.)

4. This particular example, as stated above, is a good representation of emotion-focused coping as the online gaming is being used as a social distraction. This can apply to those no interested in video games as well. Those suffering from stresses of isolation can become involved in teams online, those suffering from boredom or feelings of restriction can learn new hobbies or engage in other distraction techniques. 

5. I personally enjoyed learning about emotion-focused vs. problem-focused coping skills. I can see times in my life where I used emotion-focused coping when problem-focused coping may have been a better option. By becoming more cognisant of these techniques I can now identify and combat them if needed. “

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I’m working on a history discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Response 4: Trumpist America

Learning Content:

  • United States of Distraction Chapter 2,3, & 4
  • America’s Great Divide, Part 2 (full film) | FRONTLINE

Important: If a link is broken please look for a copy on Youtube and send it to me. DO NOT WAIT FOR ME TO DO IT FOR YOU. You can also watch versions on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix where available. Come to class prepared to discuss the video.

  • How do I submit my assignment? The instructor will grade your submission if it adheres to the following guidelines: You will need to post three times with the proper amount of citations and required word count to complete this assignment. Please note that you cannot see other students’ posts until you publish your first post. Any student who publishes a blank post as their first post will receive a 0 on the assignment. Furthermore, if you publish less than three posts before the due date, you will receive a 0 for the assignment (there is no partial credit for these assignments). NOTE: they are called “posts,” not attachments. Do not attach your submission. An attachment will result in 0 points.
  • When do I submit my assignment? The first post (your response to the prompt) is due at 11:59pm on Tuesday of the week it is assigned, it must include 6 citations minimum, and each piece of learning content must be cited at least once.
  • What are the expectations for my posts? Your first post, which is 250 words minimum, must answer the prompt.
  • What is the instructor looking for in my post? Students will be graded on how well they understand the course concepts and content. The use of ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES will result in an automatic zero on the assignment. Similarly, if a post lacks in-text citations, it will receive 0 points. The posts will be graded on substance, quality, familiarity with concepts in the learning content, and ability to follow directions.
  • Where Can I find feedback from the instructor? When the instructor grades an assignment in this course, they will provide commentary on the submission. This commentary, which is provided on every submitted assignment, can be accessed through the course grade book.
  • How should I cite the course content? All submissions must have in-text citations. They can be cited in Chicago or APA format only.

Response Prompt:

Compare Barack Obama and Donald Trump’s presidential campaigns. Describe their similarities and differences. What role did the media, including new media; play in shaping the campaigns and the electorate’s interpretation of each candidate?

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five trays of cooked food

Case Facts:

Jet Black owns Black Acre Ranch. As a sole proprietor, he sustainably raises grass-fed beef cattle, free-range chicken, and organic vegetables, which he supplies to fine dining restaurants and butcheries throughout the Bay Area. Before and throughout the pandemic, Jet and his three friends—Faye, Ed, and Spike—have been talking about creating their own restaurant to feature Jet’s meat, poultry, and vegetables. Because the state and local governments have recently begun to ease some of the most restrictive COVID-19 policies, the four friends have agreed that now is the time to get serious about taking the Black Acre restaurant concept from dream to reality. Ed’s and Faye’s detailed research confirms that market conditions remain quite favorable.

To help them figure out their next steps, the group approaches you for advice, knowing that you are a business law student. They ask you about forming a company. More specifically, they want to know which legal entity is best for organizing the company. The group agrees on the following conditions:

  • They each want to protect their personal assets from liability for the restaurant’s debts, court judgments, etc.
  • They want to keep the restaurant small for the foreseeable future
  • All four of them will exclusively participate in management decisions

Jet and Faye prefer to form a corporation. Spike thinks that some type of partnership will suffice. Ed favors a limited liability company.


Question 1. Which form of business organization should the group select for the new restaurant?

  • What would you tell them?
  • Who is correct? Faye and Jet (corporation)? Spike (partnership) Ed (LLC)?

Question 2. What legal steps—if any—are required by the State of California to form the entity that you recommend for the group?

  • TIP: Search online to find the rules at a government agency website or equivalent reliable source.

Question 3. Four years later, Black Acre Restaurant is highly successful and its brand enjoys a stellar reputation in the media—due in part to flattering publicity following visits from Oprah and Gayle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The owners have been approached by others businesses about the possibilities for collaborating to reach the unmet demand for products carrying Black Acre Restaurant’s name, prepared using its special processes.

What legal arrangement would you suggest that would allow the owners to benefit from the restaurant’s fame? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this arrangement?

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California State University S watch this video to do the assignment


you are to choose one dance that we have discussed in class, describe the dance, and assess how general views regarding individuality and community in the Middle East impact society’s views of that dance. Your choices are:

Tahtib & Nizzawi,

Ahidous of the Ait Khabbash,

Dabkeh of the Palestinians in the Jordan Valley,

Sema of the Mevlevi Sufis,

OR Gnawa Lila

Please be aware that this topic DOES NOT INCLUDE SEXUALITY. The topic of sexuality is addressed in the same page as community and individuality but it is not a part of this essay. Please narrow your writing to community and individuality.

This is not a research paper. I do not want you doing outside research. I want your ownanalysis of one of the dances listed above based on the information you have learned in this course.

Section A: Introduction:

Tell us what you are going to write about. Name the dance and encapsulate your ideas in sections B, C, and D, in this opening paragraph.

Section B: Discuss the concept of Community/Individuality

Explain to your reader why dance is important to culture generally. Explain the concepts of : community and individuality as it generally exists in the Middle East and explain how these concepts relate to how dance is viewed.

You are not going to relate these concepts to your specific chosen dance form yet, that comes in the following sections. Here, I want you to explain these concepts to your reader so that they will understand them later when you apply them to your chosen dance.

Section C: Describe the dance

Include the name of the dance, and the region from which it comes. Who does this dance? Where, when and why do they dance it? Are you discussing a current time period or a past one? What does the dance look like?

Here I want you to introduce your chosen dance to your reader in such a way that they can visualize it in their mind and understand its context and setting. Be sure to include in this section, anything that will be important later in the essay.

Section D: How does this dance embody ideas of community?

Give and explain at least 2 examples of how this dance represents the idea of community. What I mean by community are concepts such as togetherness, unity, a common bond etc. How are these concepts revealed through the dance you have chosen?

Your dance might express the importance of community through the movement, the way it uses space, the way the dancers interact, the context in which it is performed etc. Please BE SPECIFIC and EXPLAIN your ideas thoroughly. Be detailed in your analysis. Be sure to give me clear, strong examples of exactly how this dance exemplifies the concept of community.

Section E: How does this dance embody ideas of individuality?

Give and explain at least 2 examples of how this dance represents the idea of individuality. What I mean by individuality are concepts such as personal expression, what makes a single individual unique etc. How are these concepts revealed through the dance you have chosen?

Your dance might express the importance of individuality through the movement, the way it uses space, the way the dancers interact or not, the context in which it is performed etc. Please BE SPECIFIC and EXPLAIN your ideas thoroughly. Be detailed in your analysis. Be sure to give me clear, strong examples of exactly how this dance exemplifies the concept of individuality.

Section F: Attitude towards the Dance

How is this dance viewed AMONG THE PEOPLE WHO PERFORM IT? How do the concepts you have discussed relate to how the people of the area feel about their dance?

Section G: Conclusion

Sum up the important points of the essay and give your reader a sense of closure!

Possible wrap up question: What does the dance do for the people of the society from which it comes?

General Guidelines:

  • Assume that I know nothing about the dance form you are writing about. Remember YOU ARE THE TEACHER! You should be able to hand this paper to someone with no knowledge of dance, and they should understand exactly what you are talking about.
  • Write a minimum of 7 paragraphs ( one per section, you may write more). The total length of the essay should be 3 – 3.5 typed pages (double-spaced, 1 inch margins and 12 point font

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California State University S

Complete a Starbucks SPACE Matrix in the attached Excel Spreadsheet

Follow guidelines provided in Chapter 6 of the David text to learn how to create a SPACE Matrix.

Use your Strategic-Planning Template to develop a SPACE Matrix for Starbucks company. Review the company’s business, its most recent Form 10K and quarterly report, and review industry and competitive information pertaining to the company to assist you.

In 150-200 words, explain what strategies you recommend, given your SPACE analysis. Avoid generic, vague terms such as market development.

Be sure to cite two to three relevant and credible sources in support of your content. Use only sources found at the University Library or those provided in Topic Materials.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

****You will be graded on (Rubric):

1. SPACE Matrix Use your Strategic-Planning Template to develop a SPACE Matrix for your company. Review your company’s business, its most recent Form 10K and quarterly report, and review industry and competitive information pertaining to your company to assist you: The SPACE Matrix is expertly written. All the data for the Matrix is present; it is comprehensive with exceptional details.

2. In 150-200 words, explain what strategies you recommend given your SPACE analysis? Avoid generic, vague terms such as market development: The explanation of recommended strategies given the SPACE analysis is expertly written; it is comprehensive and insightful with exceptional details.

3. Be sure to cite two to three relevant and credible sources in support of your content. Use only sources found at the GCU Library, corporate websites, or those provided in Topic Materials: At least three relevant, credible sources are cited and are flawlessly integrated into the essay to support the claims made therein.

4. Paragraph Development and Transitions: There is a sophisticated construction of paragraphs and transitions. Ideas progress and relate to each other. Paragraph and transition construction guide the reader. Paragraph structure is seamless.

5. Documentation of Sources (citations, footnotes, references, bibliography, etc., as appropriate to assignment and style): Sources are completely and correctly documented, as appropriate to assignment and style, and format is free of error.

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California State University S

I do have my Social Work Degree from Sac State. I currently work with students with disabilities at the Elk Grove School district as a para educator. I have alot of experience working with individuals and students with disabilities.

As you continue to work on your application to MSW@USC, here are some tips to consider as you develop your statement of purpose.

Your resume tells us about your accomplishments; your statement of purpose tells us about you. This is your opportunity to illustrate how your professional work experience and your passion for helping others have led you to this moment. Your thoughtfully crafted response should demonstrate how you will thrive in our program — and in your future social work career.


We recommend that you cover the following topics in one cohesive essay, rather than addressing each prompt individually.

  • Why social work?
    Describe your understanding of the social work profession and its core values. How have you incorporated these values in your human service experiences and interactions with others? What life experiences have motivated you to enter the field of social work? What personal qualities prepare you for the social work profession? Discuss your experiences and feelings about working with populations different from your own.
  • Choosing your path
    What social welfare areas interest you and why? What social problem most concerns you that might be addressed with an MSW?
  • Your future
    What do you expect to be doing in five and 10 years? How will your chosen concentration and practice area help you reach your goals and future contributions as a social worker? Why is the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work a good fit for you to reach these goals?
  • Investing in your MSW
    We work closely with our students to ensure they understand the financial implications of graduate study. Given the variety of ways to fund your education, please describe in detail your personal plan to finance your education, including what steps you have made to obtain necessary funding.
  • Work-life-school balance
    Field education is a core pillar of the MSW online program. Our curriculum includes 1,000 hours of field placement conducted over four semesters. What is your plan for managing your personal and professional obligations while completing the required field placement?

Once you have written your statement of purpose, double-check that your document meets the following criteria before submitting:

  • Written in a professional manner
  • Five double-spaced pages in length
  • 12-point, Times New Roman font
  • One-inch margins

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California State University S

For your assignment, you will write a brief personal narrative. This is NOT an essay. You are simply practicing writing a narrative. Choose from one of the following prompts below. You can play around with the question so that it works for you. The point is to write a brief narrative about something that has happened to you in life. As with the three examples you’ve read, your narrative needs to be a true story. Describe a conflict you’ve had with a parent or guardian, or with a friend. How was the conflict resolved or was it? Describe a time you felt like an outsider due to cultural background or identity. You might also write about how you have found a home in the US or another place. Or, where do you feel most at home? Or, maybe you have found a home, but your parents still miss their home country.. Write an essay that details your relationship with nature or a place in nature that has shaped you or that you enjoy. How has the place or camping trip (or whatever) helped you in life? Or maybe you were somehow challenged while in nature. A strong response will include personal details and descriptions that connect the reader to your story. Think of the essays you’ve read as examples.This is NOT an essay. Think of it as practice in writing about your personal experience, something you will have to do when you write transfer letters and apply for scholarships. As you write, you might pretend you’re writing in a journal. I am not expecting anything fancy at all! Relax and tell me about an incident in your life or your favorite place in nature, etc. based on one of the prompts. You might also pretend that you’re speaking to a friend.Important: While you are writing a practice narrative, you are heavily graded on typos and messy sentences so make sure your narrative is edited before you turn it in. Otherwise, relax and have fun. Again, this is not an essay and you’re simply to give writing a personal narrative a try.Your response will be 1 ½ –2 1/2 pages or 500 – 800 words. Double-space your work. Times Roman font or similar. Make sure your response is clear of typos. Avoid “you.” Use “I” you are writing about yourself, not an impersonal “you.”

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California State University S

Here is the Documentary about Self Help Graphics called “Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead” we have been seeing in class. It was shown and produced by PBS SoCal and Local KCET. When you access this online, you will need to scroll down a bit and look to see the film on a window on your right hand side of the article.

The documentary was released recently in 2019. Here is the link to get to the video by the way (you will need to copy the link, and paste it onto a separate tab/web browser most likely):…Links to an external site.

This documentary is about 56 minutes long. We left off in class 32 minutes into it, so you have about 24 minutes to go. It was made by a collective named DIGNICRAFT.

Please watch the documentary and turn in a short written film review on it. While you are watching the film, take some notes, however way you can. I suggest writing two to three sentences of notes for every 12 minutes you watch, for the remaining 24 minuets – so you should have about four to 6 sentences of notes. You will turn in these notes this time, so please take a picture and/or upload the document where you have your notes, and turn this in with your film review together.

Have this film review be about what you liked about the film, as well as what you disliked. Also, talk about how you think the film was made, and how you think it could have been made better. Put yourselves in the director and writer’s shoes; how would you make it different?

In addition to your notes and writing, please include one screen-shot from the film in your film review. Take a Screenshot somewhere during the film, and add that to your film review. Have that visually guide your film review as well. 

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California State University S

I’m working on a business law discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

In a minimum of 200 words, write your response to the video “Baby M. and the question of Surrogacy” and address the question of whether contract law should be used to enforce surrogacy agreements by taking a position for or against the practice. In your response, you must cite at least one of the arguments presented by either of the “yes” or “no” arguments below.

Arguments For Using Contract Law to Enforce Surrogacy Agreements

Surrogacy is a practice that is rapidly growing in popularity among Americans. The number of babies born through surrogates each year has more than doubled in the last ten years and continues to grow. Surrogacy agreements are no different than almost any other business transaction—one or two people pay another person a fee to carry out a service for them—so why should a surrogacy agreement not be protected under the same contract laws that most businesses agreements are protected under? It would not only make sense to treat these agreements just like any other voluntary agreement between two parties, but it would also help legitimize, codify, and regulate an industry that brings joy into the lives of couples and helps surrogate mothers earn additional income to provide for themselves and their families.

Enforcing surrogacy under contract law also helps protect the couple paying to receive the child. Recognizing surrogacy agreements as contracts can help prevent unfortunate situations such as the infamous Baby M case of 1988, where a woman agreed to be a surrogate mother for a couple but then refused to relinquish the child after its birth. If surrogacy agreements are treated as contracts, then the surrogate mother will be legally required to give up the baby as stipulated in the agreement or would have to pay significant damages. Treating surrogacy agreements as contracts could also prevent lengthy and expensive trials similar to the Baby M trial.

Not only would enforcing surrogacy agreements as contracts protect the receiving couple, but it would also protect the surrogate mother. There have been cases in the past where a couple has asked a surrogate mother to carry a child for them and, at birth, the baby was discovered to have a serious disability such as Down syndrome. In some of these cases, the receiving couple rejects the baby, leaving the surrogate mother to have to care for the child. This is incredibly unfair to the surrogate mother, as she now has to deal with the significant time- and finance-consuming burdens that come with caring for a child when she didn’t plan on keeping the child in the first place. By covering surrogacy agreements under contract law, both parties are protected and the surrogacy process comes closer to the legitimate reputation that it deserves.

Arguments Against Using Contract Law to Enforce Surrogacy Agreements:

Enforcing surrogacy agreements under contract law would only help to support the often unethical, exploitative business that is surrogacy. While some surrogacy agreements are between a couple and a financially stable surrogate who simply wants to provide for another family, this is not always the case. Often, the women who are most eager to become surrogate mothers are the very poor who will do nearly anything for income, including having a child for the benefit of others. Thus, couples looking for relatively inexpensive surrogacy will often seek out these extremely poor women and ask them to perform a lengthy, body-altering and rarely but potentially fatal service for money. Surrogacy is often an exploitative practice, and codifying the process will likely only serve to legitimize the unfair process.

Second, due to their desperation, surrogates who are poor may be willing to contractually bind themselves to relatively unfair conditions in order to ensure that they get paid. For example, a couple wanting a surrogate could write in a clause that the surrogate must undergo an abortion if the developing fetus is found to have a disability. This would impose another operation on the surrogate that she may be too desperate to turn down.

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