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Interview findings 1 Safety Assista School Resear Psychi Nurse Acco Patien Firefig Operat Maintena Custo officer nt Teach ch atrist Manag unting t hter ions nce mer Directo er Analy er Tech Famil Param superv Supervis Service y and edic isor or LBT Superv r st Volun LBT isor teer LBT Mana ger 2 Protect Protect studen Protec Optim Ensure Impro Impro Preser Dedic Dedicate Dedica & and ts t and ize access ve ve ves ated to d to ted to prevent prevent reach preven hope to high qualit health life conne connectin connec chronic disease. acade t & quality y of and and cting g ting mic & diseas wellbe , cost life well-b proper comm communi commu Person e ing effecti for eing ty unities ties and nities with ve the of the and moving and access healthc peopl comm movin people moving to care are e unity g forward. people illness al 3 people forwar resour forwar d. ces d. Protect Protect Instill Inform Accou Collab Com Integri service Custo Customer Custo & and noble health ntabili oration mitme ty, , mer first, mer prevent prevent charac and ty for , nt to accou profes first, operate first, chronic disease ter & well-b care, teamw enrich ntabili sionali operat with operate true eing, health ork, lives, ty best sm, e with integrity, with identit selfles equity, fiscal caring practi integri integri Be integrit y in sness cultura resp. servic ces, ty, ty, proactive, y, kids comm l experti e and compa respect Be unicati compe se peopl ssion , proacti Cultivate proacti on tencies care, e and innova ve, employee ve, integrit empo synerg tion, Cultiv potential Cultiva y, werm y and ate Be open te prof. ent trust. emplo to new employ respect and yee ideas ee infor potenti potenti matio al al n Be Be open open to to new new ideas ideas illness 4 and Accoun Accoun Respe Equity Accou Integri Integr Doing service Servic Be Putting Having tability, tability ct, , ntabili ty, ity the , e, the stellar openne work transp ty dedicat Inclus right profes integri customer custom ss, ethics, arency Equity ion ivity thing sionali ty, first er honesty efficie & Effecti efficie Comp even sm, ethics. while service good ncy eviden veness ncy, assion when integri Puttin maintaini Be work Profes ce-bas altruis equity, no ty, g the ng fiscal empath ethic(se sionali ed m, respon Custo one is respect custo accounta etic to rvice) sm servic comm sivene mer watchi , mer bility and custom teamw e unity ss orient ng. innova first trust ers’ ation Accou tion, while needs sivene ntabili and mainta Be a ss ty, trust. ining reliable Best fiscal source practi accou to the ces, ntabili commu Comp ty nity ork respon assion and synerg y 5 Sets Accoun Resou Respo Accou They Value Effect Uphol We We are Collab tone for tability rceful nsibilit ntabili shape s ivenes d are all all held orate culture & ness & y to ty the shape s for moral held accounta and & Work ensure the Equity actions cultur positi and accou ble yet effectiv expecta quality studen public, and & e. ve ethical ntable there is ely t cultura respec behavi outco condu for our positive work achiev l, t and ors of mes ct at action reinforce togethe es selfles selfles staff & all s. We ment r to greatn sness sness how time. do the when we come ess compe they Trusti right all up with tency respon ng thing provide new comm d to enviro always great ideas to unicati the ppl nment . service. improv on they e serve service. tions (STAN DARD S) 6 Interact Standar Comm Just Shared Coope Our We Family Our We are Our ions ds that itment culture respon ration, cultur view core culture held culture betwee set the to the with sibility collab e is our values. is accounta is n reasona district accou for oration our cultur commi ble for defined cowork ble an missio ntabili deliver , comm e as have tment our by ers n/visio ty y of comm unity our to to the actions. positiv Leaders n withou goods unicati family have comm Having e dictate, statem t on, & trust in unity safety as reinfor employ ent retaliat leaders each the first cement We ees ion for hip adopt reporti contrib people and ng ute to oriente follow ethical positiv d, and the errors. e having culture strong standar other priority and ds set team by leaders. leaders. 7 Culture Sets Worki Manag Manag Leader Our Abilit Ability By Its set by Its is set reasona ng as a ement ement ship ability y to to trust positiv managem created by ble team sets sets sets to treat our e ent and by the manage standar tone to tone. tone. serve every team. reinfor their values ment ds encour Contin Transp the one as Sustai cemen relationsh to our due to while age uous arency comm family ned by t and ip with commu influen keeping staff trainin , unity . ethical with their nity ce they values, to g& expect and Sustai and our employee and have empath report develo ation becau ned moral missio s. sustain and y, inequa pment. of se we by our condu n ed by trust/by reinforc lity Id and goals, know emplo ct. statem positiv proving ement, withou overco consist that yees And ent e oneself commu t fear me ency servic provid show reinfor & nication of barrier & ing ing integri cement implem s retaliat s with protoc the best ty. . ent ng positive ion strateg ol comm qualit positive reinforc ies adhere unity y of reinforc ement nce also work. rules, servin regulat ga ions & better policie life s for ement. the comm unity 8 Transp Transpa Worki Transp Manag Consis Leade Team Profes Transp Have By arency, rency, ng as a arency ement tency, rship, work, sionali arency positive having openne openne team & sets respon team unders sm, and reinforce transpa ss, ss, equity tone. sibility work, tandin integri motiva ment rency, good good for a Contin & innov g, ty and tion when growth comm. comm. sustain uous investi ation compa trust. equipmen opport Empath Empath able trainin ng in Goals ssion t quota is unities, y& y& workf g& staff ethics and met. and appreci appreci orce develo develo goal recogni ation ation pment. pment achiev Id and ability overco . tion. me barrier s with strateg ies 9 Helps Employ keep a professi Passed Keeps Credib Nurse Leade Team Setting It It sets the By ees will goals ility culture rship, work, positiv keeps framewor workin emulate aligne and instills team unders e our k for g as a onal their d with trust trust in work, tandin standa unders wanting team, tone & leaders the from the innov g, rds tandin to give being inclusiv to gage agenc the comm ation compa and g of more of custom ity & their y in comm unity Goals ssion achiev missio ourselves er aligned values. whole unity ethics and ing our n . focuse with goal-b missio statem d, and goals. ased n to ent. treating sets serve others standa the with rds for comm integrit every unity y. one 1 0 Openne Employ Leader Manag Manag Transp Leade Empat Profes Safety Having By ss & ees will ship ers ers arency rship hy, sional, standa trust in leading inclusiv emulate and shape shape Trust and and respect rds their a eness their comm culture culture Comm innov unders ful and need employee high-pe leaders unicati by unicati ation tandin innova to be s. Provi rforma to gage on positiv on shape g. tive set in ding nce their e Reliabi cultur Being place. safety team, values. relatio lity e in in the measures have nships Innova the same trust and emotio . tion organi shoe’s in the growth nal Ongoi Leader zation menta emplo opportuni intellig ng ship lity yees ties. ence be sensiti Honest who flexible vity Inspiri are out and trainin ng in the agile. g. Accou road ntabilit dealin y g with inclus ivenes s Have proble ms. 1 1 Attitud Charact Motiv Emplo Inclusi Comm Team Team Respe Havin Knowing Being e is a eristics ation, yees veness unicati work work ct g that the hardwo driving shaped attitud attitud , on, and and diversi positiv outcome rking factor by the e, and es & collab collab motiv compa ty, e is to honest, & values values expect oratio oration ation ssion trust attitud provide punctu values/ they ations n, , the e excellent al, believe bring. of the comm unders proces when service to profess s that workp unicati tandin s and provid the ional, align lace. on, g integri ing communi accoun with good adhere diversi ty servic ty while table employ worki nce to ty & e. And maintaini and ee ng rules, accept trustin ng safe open to relatio policie ance g the practices. change ns. s& proces desire s to to make serve sure all comes out right 1 2 Giving Putting Recog Settin Promo Contin Throu Positi Respe With Being By employ oneself nition g clear ting to ual gh ve ct and positiv recognize rewardi ees in the and and leader suppor influe reinfo recogn e d when ng and enough employ apprec achiev ship t, nce rceme ition, reinfor we meet recogni time to ee’s iation able positio growth respec nt, motiva cemen quotas. zing comple shoes. goals ns to opport t and recog te t and Without excelle te tasks & and contin unities incent nition emplo educat us there nt & appreci growt ue , ives and yees ional would be employ appreci ate & h growt inclusi respec growt no ees, ation develop incenti h on, t h service to loyalty, better ves. comm opport run. and relation unicati unities Acknowl employ ship. on, . Give edge who ee Empath feedba us we are in educati ize ck, new the on inspira duties company tion to and the accom excellent plish service we provide. 1 3 Manag Manage Admin A Emplo Emplo What Our Depen Emplo We are Setting ement ment istrativ culture yees yees we do intern ding yees giving a guideli set a sets the e that emulat emulat affect al on look service to nes of tone of culture. leader facilita e e and our behavi organi up to the expecta unprofe Unprof s set tes leader look comm or will zation upper communi tion ssionali essional standa honest s. up to unitie reflect al manag ty. We and sm then ism by rds for y& manag s. in the culture ement are leaders employ them work transp ement This comm and and funded should ees will sets low behavi arency to set motiv unity values leader by the exempl replicat standar or enable examp ates shape ship federal ify this e the ds s les us to the for governm behavi or behavio ethical satisf decisio guidan ent and r behavi y n. ce. We all our or ethica provid data is l ea traceable servic and e that trackable. is We are easily held recogn accounta ized ble to the and communi we ty need because it to is their behav tax e money accord we are ingly using. when out in public. Peop le recogn ize who we are and how we behav e. 1 4 Employ Passed Passed It PSV PSV Organ Integri Aware We We are By ees to provid are are set izatio ty, ness of are promotin promot have up es a action by nal Accou where held at g the ing to date frame s& work struct ntabili we a high safety to commu training work behavi ethics ure ty, stand standa the nity as well to ors of and with Best in the rd of communi industr as accom front-l the mand Practi comm servic ty. At y updated plish ine commi atory ces, unity. e. We the end focus, tools the emplo tment traini Comp practic of the Improv resourc missio yees for a ng, assion e our day I feel ing e/ n of in the healthi and missio proud safety, educati the comm er Los Syner n to when we Enhanc on are agenc unity Angele gy. move have all ing up to y. people vehicles custom standar and running er d. make in top service their order and lives the better. communi For ty is not this affected we by lack need of to set service. s an examp le as a public servan t. 1 5 Employ Employ Passed Collec Emplo Nurse Our Integri Our We Our Integrit ees ees will . tive yees culture goal ty, team promo culture is y emulate look up unders culture and is to Accou being te to be Respec upper to tandin is to dedicat serve ntabili remind safety accounta t, manage manage g of provid ion our ty, ed of and ble to Empat ment. ment to needs e provid comm Best the reliabi ourselves hy, reinforc of the authen es unity Practi import lity. and our And e public people tic highest and to ces, ance Our communi reliabil service . care to level achie Comp of our servic ty. Have ity values. While the of ve assion work e is to integrity reinfor comm equal this and and keep even cing unity care we Syner how it our when no psv amplifi need gy. affects buses one is throug es to others. movin looking. h our integrit follo g and action y w the getting same people s and servic values to e. as the their organi destin zation ation on time. IDENTIFY & DISCUSS IN DETAIL THE EMERGING THEMES IN THE DATA Research question: What characteristics of organizational culture increase public service values? 1. What is your role in the organization? 2. What is your organization’s mission and/or vision? (Probe: What are your organization’s objectives?) To connect, improve, and protect are key words public county managers reiterated in their answers that pertained to their organization’s mission. All organization’s mission dealt with the overall good of public citizens. Three out of the twelve interviewers responded along the terms of connecting communities and moving people forward. Five out of the twelve interviewers responded along the terms of improving the quality of life. Four out of the twelve interviewers responded along of the terms of protecting the public good through preventive care access and safety. Connect: 3/12 Improve: 5/12 Protect: 4/12 3. What are your organization’s institutionalized values? (Probe: What values in the organization contribute to overall mission/vision/objectives?) More than half of the public managers interviewed stated integrity is their organization’s institutionalized value. Four out of the twelve interviewers stated that innovation is value that contributed to the overall mission of their organization. Some of the other values mentioned among the twelve interviewers is to inform, to be accountable, and to protect and prevent. Integrity: 6/12 Innovation: 4/12 Inform/Instill: 2/12 Accountability: 2/12 Protect: 2/12 4. What public service values are essential to your organization? More than half of the interviewers stated the public value essential to their organization is accountability. More than half the interviewers also stated professionalism was a public service value essential to their organization. Six out of the twelve interviews believed respect and empathy is essential for their organization. Three out of the twelve interviewers stated equity as a public service value essential to their organization. Accountability/ Transparency: 7/12 Professionalism/ Service: 7/12 Compassion/ Respect/ Altruism/ Empathy; 6/12 Equity:3/12 5. How does your organization’s institutionalized values shape organizational culture? Four out of the twelve interviewers stated their organization’s institutionalized value, accountability shape their organizational culture. Four out of twelve interviewers stated their quality of service value shapes their organizational culture. Accountable: 4/12 Outcomes/ Service/ Quality: 4/12 6. How is organizational culture defined in your organization? Being responsible and committed to their mission is how organizational culture is defined in three out of the twelve interviewers. Being apart of a community and interacting with colleagues is how organizational culture is defined in seven out of the twelve interviewers. Leaders setting standards and being accountable for their actions mirrors the organizational culture in seven out of the twelve interviewers. Responsibility/ Commitment: 4/12 Leaders: 3/12 Interaction/Commitment: 4/12 Standards/ Accountable: 4/12 Community: 3/12 7. How is your organization’s culture created and sustained? Four out of the twelve state organizational culture is created and sustained through management and leadership. Four out of the twelve state organizational culture is created and sustained through reinforcement. Four out of the twelve state organizational culture is created and sustained through the organizational values such as trust and integrity. Three out of the twelve state organizational culture is created and sustained through building a community and family within your organization. Management/Leadership:4/12 Reinforcement: 4/12 Values/Trust/ Integrity: 4/12 Community/ Family:3/12 8. What elements of organizational culture are needed for sustainability? (maybe used as a probe) The main element of organizational culture needed for sustainability is appreciation. Half of the interviewers felt that being appreciated for their work is needed to sustain their organizational culture by either investing in their employees personal growth, or motivating through positive reinforcements. Five of the twelve participants stated transparency being an element needed to sustain their organizational culture. Trust and empathy are other elements of organizational culture needed for sustainability. Transparency: 5/12 Teamwork:2/12 Appreciation/ Reinforcement/ Investing/Motivation: 6/12 Understanding/ Empathy/Trust/Morals: 5/12 9. How does your organizational culture affect organizational structure? It is essential for four out of the twelve interviewees that their organizational culture understands and aligns with their goals and mission statement. Setting standards in order to build trust from the community: Providing excel leadership to gage values: Understands and aligns with their goals and mission statement:4/12 Setting standards in order to build trust from the community: 4/12 Providing excel leadership to gage values: 2/12 10. What characteristics of public managers shape culture within an organization? More than half of the interviewers state that leadership and innovation are characteristics of public managers that shape culture within their organization. Five out of the twelve interviewers state having a positive open relationship with their subordinates is a characteristic of public managers that shapes culture within an organization. Having emotional intelligence and trust in their employees are characteristics of public managers that five out of the twelve interviewers be …
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