bystander approach

View this TED Talk  on violence against women and then answer the following questions:

· What is your understanding of the bystander approach?

· Explain an incident you have witnessed or participated in that demonstrates the “bystander” approach mentioned in this video.

View this TED Talk on what the future looks like and then answer the following questions:

· How did you respond to Gabriella Huggins’s film?

· Which, if any, images or narration spoke to you personally?

Let’s discuss disabilities as being sorted into three groups: physical, emotional, and physiological.

In your discussion post, choose one of these groups and profile a person (real or imagined) who has a disability from that group.

· Describe the disability. To which group(s) does it belong? What are its effects on the person you are profiling?

· Explain some of the challenges that this person has to overcome to function in everyday society.

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