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Many of you may have seen the movie Jaws (1975). This movie raises some ethical issues when Chief Brody is speaking with the mayor, city fathers, and the doctor about an alleged boating incident involving a girl that had really died of a shark attack. At one point the doctor even states that he will amend the report to say that the swimmer died from the boating accident as opposed to a shark attack. In a later scene, Chief Brody is confronted by the mother of a little boy who was eaten by the shark because he and the city had kept the beaches open and she slaps him. She also informed the Chief that she learned that a girl was killed a week earlier and that he knew about it, but didn’t do anything.

What concerns do the mayor and city fathers have? What ethical standards do you think they are applying? What ethical behaviors are violated by the doctor changing the report? What ethical category of behaviors apply if Chief Brody closes the beaches and which ones apply if he keeps them open?

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