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Week 10 Employment Discrimination

Directions: You must first fully answer the question by creating a new thread, then respond to at least two postings of others. Please note that you will not be able to see the responses of other students in any discussion forum until after you have posted your own response. Remember to support all legal assertions with appropriate citations to source materials.

Rachel Bowen was employed as a supervisor for Comfort Manufacturing. Ms. Bowen was the only black supervisor in the plant. The other supervisors, all white males, regularly used racial slurs when referring to Ms. Bowen. And, those slurs were often used in the presence of Comfort Manufacturing employees. The racial slurs occurred whether Ms. Bowen was present in the room or not.

Does Ms. Bowen have legitimate grounds to complain to the general manager and/or file a claim with EEOC?

If you were the general manager, would you support Ms. Bowen’s desire to file a complaint with the EEOC? Or, would you attempt to dissuade her from doing so?

Regardless of your answer to the first question, what steps would you take to ensure a safe working environment for Ms. Bowen under these circumstances?

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