Business communication

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As a professional, the workplace dictates a certain level of decorum and professionalism. Last week, we discussed how certain nonverbal gestures or facial expressions can be viewed as disrespectful or unprofessional. We also discussed ways to convey constructive feedback. Having the ability to express your thoughts in a respectful manner is necessary as you move up the professional latter. Professionalism and effective communication will take you places that knowledge alone will not! As professionals, it is critical that you convey a professional tone in oral and written communication.

This week, we will continue to delve into effective communication from the lens of maintaining standards of etiquette in the workplace. If you aspire to climb the ranks to a leadership position, it is important that you set the standard for effective communication. You have learned how to provide constructive feedback and how to maintain standards of ethical communication. Let’s practice writing to maintain standards of etiquette.

Review the Power Point provided in this module before completing this assignment. Read the examples below. They are similar to the examples provided in the Power Point. Correct the examples so that they convey a more positive response.

The “You” Attitude- You want to replace “I”, “me”, “mine”, “we”, “us” and “ours” with “You” and “Your”. As a manager, you do not want your customers to feel that you can not handle the influx of business. After all, you want their business. As such is the case, never respond by telling a customer that you are too busy to take care of them. Along those lines, you never want to promise something to a customer. An old adage (a general truth) in business is under promise (not at all, preferably) and over deliver.

1. Rewrite to convey the “YOU” attitude. Monday is the only day we can promise a quick response to order we received. We will be super busy for the week of the week.

Maintaining Standards of Etiquette- This is similar to providing Constructive Feedback. Remember, as a manager, supervisor, leader or anyone in a supervisory position, you set the standard for effective communication. You want to maintain a productive environment when giving feedback. Your response should never be personal, but that of clarity of the issue, correction and assistance.

2. Rewrite to convey Standards of Etiquette. Once again, your incompetence has caused the whole department to go down!

Emphasizing the Positive- When responding to clients or employees, maintaining a working relationship is vital for productivity. That being the case, when issues arise, you never want to negate bad news or issues. However, you should be responsive with issues in a timely manner and offer guidance so that the issues are not repeated. It is important that as a manager (leader), you lead with a solution-oriented mindset and not that of destructive feedback or strongly focused accusations or blame. Remember, you want to maintain positive working relationships and client satisfaction. To maintain clients, you should always offer a solution when issues arise, even if you can not offer the actual product or service that day.

3. Rewrite to convey Emphasizing the Positive. I apologize. I just do not foresee a resolution to this issue. It is impossible to repair your automobile today.

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