Build multiple regression that best explains and predicts X21 (provide a brief summary of how you.

Using HBAT 200 file and the statistical software of your choice, build the multiple regression model that would best explain the Likelihood of Future Purchase (X21).

Please prepare a word file that would consist of the following sections:

1. Build multiple regression that best explains and predicts X21 (provide a brief summary of how you built the model, what criteria you used, etc.)

2. Assess OLS assumptions of your model

3. Test whether the effect of perceived quality on likelihood of future purchases is contingent on:

a) distribution system,

b)complaint resolution,

c) price flexibility (interpret the results)

4. Test whether the effect of perceived quality on likelihood of future purchases is strictly linear or is it curvilinear

5. Summarize and interpret your findings. In particular, what factors and what values of those factors tend to maximize the likelihood of future purchases?

6. provide interactions plot where applicable using Jeremy Dawson’s website (make sure to select the correct type

Data Information and Description

Brief descriptions of the database variables are provided, in which the variables are classified as either independent or dependent, and either metric or non-metric. A definition of each variable and an explanation of its coding are provided in the following sections.

Description of Database variables
Variable Description Variable Type
Data Warehouse Classification Variables
X1 Customer Type Non-metric
X2 Industry Type Non-metric
X3 Firm Size Non-metric
X4 Region Non-metric
X5 Distribution System Non-metric
Performance Perceptions Variables
X6 Product Quality (independent) metric
X7 E-Commerce Activities/Website (independent) metric
X8 Technical Support (independent) metric
X9 Complaint Resolution (independent) metric
X10 Advertising (independent) metric
X11 Product Line (independent) metric
X12 Sales Force Image (independent) metric
X13 Competitive Pricing (independent) metric
X14 Warranty and Claims (independent) metric
X15 New Products (independent) metric
X16 Ordering and Billing (independent) metric
X17 Price Flexibility (independent) metric
X18 Delivery Speed (independent) metric
Outcome/Relationship Measures
X19 Satisfaction metric
X20 Likelihood of Recommendation metric
X21 Likelihood of Future Purchase (dependent) metric
X22 Current Purchase/Usage Level metric
X23 Consider Strategic Alliance/Partnership in Future Non-metric

X6 through X18 are independent variables & X21 is a dependent variable

A multiple regression model must be done on X21

X6 Product Quality Perceived level of quality of HBAT’s paper products
X7 E-Commerce Activities/Website Overall image of HBAT’s website, especially user-friendliness
X8 Technical Support Extent to which technical support is offered to help solve product/service issues
X9 Complaint Resolution Extent to which any complaints are resolved in a timely and complete manner
X10 Advertising Perceptions of HBAT’s advertising campaigns in all types of media
X11 Product Line Depth and breadth of HBAT’s product line to meet customer needs
X12 Sales Force Image Overall image of HBAT’s sales force
X13 Competitive Pricing Extent to which HBAT offers competitive prices
X14 Warranty and Claims Extent to which HBAT stands behind its product/service warranties and claims
X15 New Products Extent to which HBAT develops and sells new products
X16 Ordering and Billing Perceptions that ordering and billing is handled efficiently and correctly
X17 Price Flexibility Perceived willingness of HBAT sales reps to negotiate price on purchases of paper products
X18 Delivery Speed Amount of time it takes to deliver the paper products once an order has been confirmed

Outcome/Relationship Measures

5 specific measures were obtained that reflects the outcomes of the respondent’s purchase relationships with HBAT. These measures include the following:

X19 Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction with past purchases from HBAT, measured on a 10-point graphic rating scale
X20 Likelihood of Recommending HBAT Likelihood of recommending HBAT to other firms as a supplier of paper products, measured on a 10-point graphic rating scale
X21 Likelihood of Future Purchases from HBAT Likelihood of purchasing paper products from HBAT in the future, measured on a 10-point graphic rating scale
X22 Percentage of Purchases from HBAT Percentage of the responding firm’s paper needs purchased from HBAT, measured on a 100-point percentage scale
X23 Perception of Future Relationship with HBAT Extent to which the customer/respondent perceives his or her firm would engage in strategic alliance/partnership with HBAT

0 = Would not consider

1 = Yes, would consider strategic alliance or partnership

The data set is given in excel file: HBAT Case Data.xls

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