Bryant & Stratton College Workplace Capabilities

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For the final piece of your Portfolio Project, you will reflect upon the course and how it directly relates to the Bryant & Stratton Workplace Capabilities. Bryant & Stratton College Workplace Capabilities Tolerance Communication Attitude Interpersonal Skills Perseverance Enthusiasm Problem Solving Persuasion Productivity Dependability Informational Literacy Technological Literacy Financial Literacy

This reflection will be delivered orally in the form of a PowerPoint with Voiceover. The total recording should be 2-3 minutes in length. For further direction on how to create a narration in PowerPoint, visit Student Resources in the Blackboard Course Navigation panel.

a) For this reflection, discuss the Workplace Capability of Persuasion. Analyze the importance of Persuasion as a Workplace Capability to your future career. Also, choose a second workplace capability from the chart above and reflect on that. b) In your own words reflect on how this project meets the Program outcome (for your program) and one Institutional outcome as stated on the first page of these instructions.

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