briefly describe term/event/figure and their significance

Help me study for my History class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

No need for reference or Citations.

All of these terms/events/figures are related to Korean history.

Around 200 words for each term.

Identification questions

1) Yangban

2) Taewongun

3) Kanghwa Treaty

4) Tonghak rebellion

5) Kabo reforms

6) Independence Club

7) Righteous Army

8) Minjok

9) March First Movement (IMPORTANT)

10) Cultural Policy (Bunka Seiji)

11) Japan and Korea as one body (Nai-Sen ittai)

12) Korean People’s Republic (KPR)

13) Armistice Agreement

14) April Revolution

15) Juche

16) Yusin constitution

17) Park Chung Hee

18) Kim Il Sung

19) Kwangju uprising

20) Fifth Republic (ROK)

21) Kim Dae Jung

22) Kim Jong Il

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