Brexit Analysis

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Britain left the European Union in late 2019. The consequences of this exit are as yet unknown; they could be great: no trade deals in place, hard borders between Ireland and Northern Ireland, skyrocketing costs for Britons, and limited supply to necessities.

The assignment you are to complete is to produce a 5-6 page analysis of the Brexit situation. This analysis must include:

1. A brief introduction to the history of Britain’s place in the European Union, including an introduction to the history of the European Union itself.

2. A brief account of the Brexit narrative so far, identifying the various positions political parties and Britons have taken on Brexit, the arguments for Brexit, the arguments against Brexit, and how developments have unfolded since David Cameron called for the referendum.

3. Potential paths forward for Britons and their government, i.e., what should Britain try to do in negotiating trade deals, treaties, etc.?

4. An endorsement of one of those potential paths and an explanation of why you think it is the best path forward for Britain.

The assignment must be well-researched and carefully written. Students may not reference Wikipedia, but instead must use reputable sources, including credible media resources, government websites, and at least one scholarly source

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