Boys and Girls by Alice Munro

Exercise A: ead and discuss the “Boys and Girls” by Alice Munro. Your instructor will post a .pdf or link below.

Suggested discussion questions:

  • Describe how the author moves through time in this story. What tools are used? Are the time transitions clunky, or do they feel natural? Use an example to make your point.
  • Choose a moment that is summarized and write it in scene. Do you agree with the author’s choice to summarize, or would a scene have been more effective?
  • Choose a scene and summarize it. Which has more impact?
  • What is the story’s thematic concern? In what way does the title reflect the theme?
  • What characters or objects are symbolic, and what might they symbolize?

These questions are just suggested points of entry—there are infinite ways you can demonstrate that you’ve read the texts, so don’t feel tied down to just those. Also, your instructor may post additional or alternative questions, so be sure to check the Discussion topics.

Exercise B:Braiding Time

Write four new paragraphs for secend draft. They will involve your main character, according to the following instructions:

  • In the first paragraph, your character is engrossed in an activity in the present moment (running an errand, cooking a meal, folding laundry, applying makeup or shaving, looking for something, etc.). This exercise will work best if you have your story’s conflict in mind.
  • In the second paragraph, while your character is still doing the same present-time activity, have him/her imagine something that will happen in the future.
  • In the third paragraph, while the character is still doing the same present-time activity, write about a past event that this present action is triggering your character to remember.
  • In the final paragraph, use elements of forward-looking and backward-looking as your character continues or completes the present-time activity.

Before posting your exercise, work on making the transitions between the paragraphs smooth.transitions between the paragraphs smooth.

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