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ASSIGNMENT: Write a review of the assigned chapter(s) from the textbook or external reading.  

CONTENT: The review should include the following: 

1. Summary: A summary (in your own words) of the author’s main points (3-5 points) should be included in the introduction.  Summarize the topic of the chapter and explain the primary ideas as well as how the author supports those ideas in your own words (evidence, sources, examples). 

2. Evaluation: An overall evaluation of the chapter is required.  Whether you love the chapter or agree with everything the author has to say is inconsequential. In thinking about your evaluation consider: What was most interesting about the chapter and why? What did you learn about this topic? How did in the chapter change/alter/impact any previous ideas you might have had about the topic? What additional real life connections can you make with the main points from the chapter to the workplace or other technical communication environments? Did the author cover the topic as well as you expected? Was the information organized in a way flowed and was easy to understand or was it unorganized, dense, and filled with too much jargon making it hard to understand? What questions about the topic did the chapter not answer?

Avoid writing one sentence responses such as, “I liked/did not like the chapter” or “I learned a lot from the chapter” or simply stating that the chapter was “good”, “bad”, and/or that the author “did a great/poor job.” These types of responses will not suffice.  Be able to support your evaluation with specific concrete examples.

3. Conclusion: A short conclusion which links your summary and evaluation will end your review. Ideally the conclusion should reemphasize the main points and leave the reader with something to reflect on. For example, did the author accomplish his/her purpose? Would you recommend this chapter to another student who is beginning his or her technical writing journey? 

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