Boris Bigglebug Furniture Corp

Boris Bigglebug Furniture Corporation produces a line of fine furniture made from exotic hardwoods that have been harvested using sustainable forestry practices. More specifically, he produces tables, chairs and wardrobes. Each item requires wood, labour and machine time. This information is tabulated below together with unit selling prices. Tables Chairs Wardrobes Wood needed (units) 4 1 6 Machine time (minutes) 20 8 35 Labour time (minutes) 30 22 45 Selling price ($) $200 $75 $325 Note that labour time is separate from machine time – if a chair is made, the total labour time is 22 minutes. The unit cost of wood is $25 and the hourly rate paid to the worker is $24. The normal day lasts eight hours (480 minutes). Should the worker work beyond the standard eight hours, the pay rate becomes $36/hour for overtime worked. Labour regulations state that no more than two hours of overtime may be worked in a day. A total of 40 units of wood is available. Five hours of machine time is available. In addition, should any overtime be worked, an additional cost of $40 is incurred to pay for extra security. Formulate and solve the above problem in Excel to determine the next day’s production schedule to maximise profit. Assume that fractional furniture can be made.

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