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I have attached my business law exam. You have to match each word to the question then write a legal issue. The test has instructions on top.

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BLAW 214 Midterm – Fall 2019 Name: Instructions: Assign the correct letter to the scenario and write the legal issue beginning with “whether.” Each question is worth 4. If you write the full issue, it is worth 7. Numbers 26 and 27 are not a part of the word bank. Work on this paper. Save and email to me at no later than Thursday at 11:59 p.m. Best of luck to you! A. Diversity H. Attractive Nuisance Jurisdiction B. General Damages O. Punitive U. Proximate Causation Damages I. Principle of Rights (Duty P. Strict Liability V. Administrative Laws Based) C. Due Process J. Commercial Speech Q. Sourcing D. Dormant K. False Imprisonment R. Commerce W. Causation in Fact Outcome X. Special Damages Based Ethics Clause E. Establishment L. Defamation of Character Clause F. Dram Acts S. Remedy in Y. Commerce Clause Equity M. 4th Amendment T. Minimum z. Statutes. Contacts G. Battery N. Judicial Review T2 Supremacy Z1 William, the Conqueror Clause 1. A motorist who ran the red light hit Jerry’s car as he was crossing the intersection. Jerry’s car is damaged beyond the value covered by his insurance and will cost him $10,000. What damages may Jerry seek? 2. Ms. James has a yellow swing on her front lawn with a no trespass sign. Her neighbors’ 4 year old twins ignored the sign and went on her front lawn and played on the swing. Ms. James took the parents to court for trespassing. What is the issue before the court? 3. During the riots in Baltimore, many pharmacies were looted and an overwhelming of prescribed narcotics was now on the streets being sold to the highest bidder. Officer Dan overheard a customer repeating to another as to the address of where one can get some of these narcotics. He immediately set out to the home of the dealer, raided it and confiscated narcotics amounting to thousands of dollars. What is the issue before the court? 4. Joe Inc. made business decisions and the core of it decision was the question as to how its employees, consumers, supplier and community will be affected. 5. Candidate Trump used to call his competitor Candidate Clinton, “crooked Hillary.” No one believed him and he didn’t affect her economic status but it broke her heart. She took him to court. What is the legal issue before the court? 6. Sebrian Inc., is a Illinois Corporation, whose does business mainly from Wisconsin, makes and sells peanuts to Desee Inc. in California. Sebrian is only known by word of mouth. Sebrian failed to deliver the peanuts and Desee filed suit in California. Due process was properly served, but Sebrian told the court that it cannot hear the case. What is the issue before the court? 7. A United States’ congressional statute conflicts with the United States Constitution. What gives the court the power to review this case? 8. A California printer was hired to work on a print job in and funded by Nebraska. Nebraska’s regulations allowed only Nebraska printers to get 2 hours breaks. The California printer filed suit in federal court. What is the issue before the court? 9. Debra told Jacob that she would babysit. While Debra was there, Jacob’s pet tiger came out his cage and started to stroll around. Jacob locked Debra in the closet for several hours while trying to convince his pet to get back in its cage. Debra was very angry because she wanted to come out and play with the pet. She took Jacob to court. What is the issue before the court? 10. He conquered England and gave rise to the earl English Courts, from which stemmed the common law. 11. The Alabama Supreme Court recently ruled that Alabama must remove the 10 commandments from its grounds. What is the issue before the court? 12. Deseree Inc.’s shirts show two men snorting cocaine. Nebraska refused to grant them a vendor license to sell during a parade. What is the issue before the court? 13. I served you summons and complaint at your gmail address. You said you were not served though you receive the email and that the court has no authority to hear your case. What is the issue before the court? 14. The Enron scandal and the Housing crisis in 2008 brought about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Dodd-Frank. Which source of American law are these? 15. Rachel dated David for at least a year then accepted his proposal of marriage. They just celebrated their 2 years anniversary. One day she was spring cleaning and came across an envelope. She opened and saw a birth certificate in its original for along with a passport. She learned that her husband would be turning 18 in a couple of months as opposed to 22, based on the ID, he showed to the license bureau. Rachel is 35. What is the issue before the court? 16. Janet lives in Alaska, Betty lives in Kansas. They have a dispute in the amount of $76,000 and Janet filed suit in Alaska’s federal court. What is the issue before the court? 17. You killed my pet and I am suffering from anguish and inconsolable pain. The jury awarded me $1 million. What is the issue before the court? 18. The international city of Miami hottest restaurant, Zen, serves only Cubans. They are only known by word of mouth. Nevertheless, other nationalities want to get it but cannot. What is the issue before the court? 19. Peter hit the flap of Kevin’s hat with the intent to hurt Kevin but Kevin wasn’t hurt. What it the issue before the court? 20. After getting up to leave the camp, I thought I had extinguished the campfire. I left and soon learned that the nearby resort was burnt down as wind carried the fire through the village. What is the issue before the court? 21. Mike, a bartender served Jessica wine at the bar though she was evidently drunk. Jessica left and hit someone after driving drunk. What is the issue before the court? 22. Jay Crew Inc. made the decision to lay off some of its employees and instead hire cheaper labor in a third world country. 23. The State of Massachusetts, in an effort to curb the measles outbreak, made it a law to be vaccinated with the measles antibodies. 24. Patricia is a victim of domestic violence. She petitions the court against her husband. What does she seek? State the legal issue. 25. U.S. Treaties and Constitution are the law of the land. 26. List and briefly differentiate the primary sources of American law. 27. Name the branches of the United States Government and the role of each: …
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