Biology Teaching Plan Workshe

1. A clear rationale that discusses the learners/class/school this unit has been designed for and pedagogical approach you have taken in planning the unit, with reference to relevant curriculum, theory, and literature (700 words). It should be presented as a coherent rationale and use APA 7th Edition referencing. This will be presented as the first page(s) of your assessment.

2. A detailed unit of work you have developed for a Stage 5 science (for 4-6 weeks)living world using relevant outcomes, syllabus content, concepts and s******s that is supportive of diverse learners and shows evidence of differentiation and formative assessment (the structure of the unit of work will be based on the Teaching Area requirements).

3. A range of resources that will be provided in the unit including at least three quality example of a digital artefact that supports students’ learning and develops their ICT sources (such as-google slides, i-movie, website). These resources may include original resources and existing resources (but all existing resources must be appropriately referenced).
all points highlighted should be covered example attached but on different topic template attached. 700 words write up 1300 words unit of work for stage 5 syllabus attached all the point highlighted should be covered and activities in unit of work should be made original the two attached file is example and template attached.

APA 17 sources

1. 700 words reflection should be on the pedagogy you used to make the unit of work your reflection on the teaching strategies on unit of work

2) as in the sample you can observe all the topic of syllabus are covered and not chucked in one so its should be topic wise teaching and so topic by topic strategies are to be made how will you teach not multiple topic chucked in one.
3) three original activities are missing that means what activities you write in unit of work you have to create as well

sample unit of work is given and still this kind of irrelevant work is provided
2. sample unit of work is given

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