Between 5-7 pages in MLA Format (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-font, page numbers). Not including works cited page

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Jonathan Safran Foer’s non-fiction book Eating Animals opens the reader’s eyes to the public health issue and animal welfare concerns of factory farming, a fairly recent phenomenon, historically speaking. He develops his platform by establishing his own ethos and personal investment in the issue, calling on experts and primary sources working in the industry, offering statistical evidence and historical context to support the emotional and moral argument that lies at the heart of his argument.

Goal and General instructions:

For the research portion, you may choose from two current public health topics that are fairly under the radar of common knowledge to learn about and explore, and ultimately educate your reader about. You should include the following in your research and your essay:

  • Arguable thesis statement that reflects the stakes of the issue and a perspective to guide the reader
  • Historical context and background of issue
  • Past or current state and federal policy
  • Who is most impacted and why
  • Present activism and current or future potential harm to individuals, groups and society at large
  • A way forward or a path to improve outcomes.

Remember that your essay should include, as Foer does, establishing your own ethos as a writer and building trust with your reader, looking to experts and gathering testimony from many sources, offering suggestions for going forward, alternatives or solutions to help alleviate the problem.

Topic Choices:

1. Maternal Mortality in the US (Links to an external site.)

2. Single Use Plastics (Links to an external site.)

Links are to Wikipedia pages that offer give a brief and basic overview of each topic.

Essay Criteria and Expectations:

  • Between 5-7 pages in MLA Format (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-font, page numbers). Not including works cited page.
  • Requires 6-9 sources including one of each of the following: a) scholarly journal article b) newspaper article and/or magazine article b) excerpt/chapter from a book (other than our text).
  • Other recommended sources: reputable websites, public radio, TED talk, documentary.
  • Other sources may be electronic or print from the electronic database , or vetted sources taken from the Internet (Google Scholar, .edu, .gov etc). Personal interviews may also supplement library sources but not replace them.
  • Cited use of quotations, paraphrases and summary from outside sources to support your argument, which should be driven and shaped by your third person voice and point of view.
  • In text citations and a work cited page presented in MLA format.
  • Annotated bibliography for each source used. Single spaced is OK.
  • please note: to avoid major deductions, your actual essay must be 5 full pages, minimum.
  • Research proposal :This proposal should be Length: 300-500 words with paragraph breaks. Include:
    • What your topic is specifically
    • What subtopics you plan to explore
    • Three research questions you have developed so far.
    • A working (draft) thesis statement that comes from your reading and research thus far.
    • Three specific carefully evaluated sources with complete citations that you have found so far to support your work.
    • Research Due Dates Overview:
    • Sat 8/15: Proposal Due: Wed 8/19: Draft Due: Thurs 8/20: Peer review Due: Sat 8/22: Final due:

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