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This is a “two” part forum discussion. Answer in two distinct parts (part one and part two).

Part I

“Thoroughly” answer the “two” end of chapter critical thinking or review questions from this week’s assigned reading (“one” question from the end of “each” chapter). Your choice which two, but one from “each” chapter).

Special Notes: Before answering, first repeat the questions. Lastly, ensure you use your course text book via in-text citations with a matching reference to support and enhance your answers. Additional outside (non-course text book) sources (“properly” cited and referenced per the APA) are highly encouraged for superior scores.

Part II

Review the threats and countermeasures project assignment (listed under Assignments) “due in week seven” and relate your initial thoughts on completing the project. Specifically, relate your initial “three” security threats and corresponding countermeasures.  Make certain you choose “threats” (title them “____ Threats“) and not locations, vulnerabilities or some other type of general research topic. Ensure each threat is specific (e.g., employee theft threats, commercial robbery threats, airline terrorism threats, cargo theft threats, insider cyber threats, etc.) and “not” broad/general threats (e.g., internal threats, external threats, terrorism threats, transportation threats, cyber threats, etc.).

Special Note: Your response to part one should comprise 75% of your response to this week’s discussion forum prompt. Part two should only be a few sentences.

IMPORTANT / HELPFUL FORUM DISCUSSION NOTES: You will post one response to the forum discussion prompt and a “minimum of two responses (more “substantive” responses for a “superior” score) to your classmates (or instructor, if a follow-up question is asked) each discussion week (weeks 1 – 3 and 5 – 7). “Single space only” in forums. Importantly, to keep everyone on the same sheet of music, “post only during the current course week” (do “not” post in advance).

The response to each forum prompt must be a minimum of “500 words” in length (“excluding” the directions, questions, quotations, notes, or references).  Each of the required two responses to your classmates (or instructor) must be a minimum of “200 words” in length.

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