Behavioral Economics and Deci

Presentation Focus: Individual Decision-Making (Corporate (for Profit), or Non-Profit company). PRECISE GOAL: Proposal to C-Suite Executives within a corporate or non-profit company, on the optimal method for influencing individual consumer’s behavior, such that your selected company can ‘present’ their product/service to individual consumers in an optimal way – essentially impacting the individual consumer’s decision-making behavior in a strategic, systematic, and innovative manner.

OVERALL GOAL (for the presentation):
Focus on three (3) decision-making realm(s) of your choosing – such that approximately 30% of your presentation is focused on the background of the company, whereas approximately 70% of your presentation incorporates cutting edge, top-tier decision-making research, which is geared towards supporting a proposal you’re developing for a company of your choosing (e.g., BMW, Bang & Olufsen, Microsoft, Deloitte, Credit Suisse, LVMH, Virgin Atlantic, Nestle, etc). You should also select three (3) decision-making topic-areas {e.g., Emotions & Decision-Making, Systems 1 & 2, Prospect Theory, Availability Heuristic, Confirmation Bias, Representativeness Heuristic, Conformity & Decision-Making, Choice and Asymmetric Dominance, Biases & Heuristics, Intuitive vs. Model-based, Keeping Doors Open, The Cost of Zero Cost, and many more} which will become the focus of your presentation, and will help you to influence consumers’ behavior (related to your selected company). Remember, you’re exploring the optimal way to present your company’s product or service to clients/consumers (knowing the clients’/consumers’ underlying decision-making processes and phenomena).

What you should cover:
(a) Provide the background for your selected company;

(b) Deliver the rationale for choosing your
three (3) selected decision-making topics;

(c) Address the precise goals of your presentation, and remember that you must literally explore some of the fundamental underpinnings of the decision-making processes that are impacting your selected topics and how consumers respond to your company’s actions (REMEMBER: this is a course specifically tailored to decision-making, therefore you will need to go into a high level of detail when describing these decision-making processes – when in doubt, be precise).

Suitable for presentation to C-suite executives within your selected company.

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