BCC Selling of Subsidized For

How does the selling of subsidized foreign goods in the United States adversely affect free trade?

This assignment supports student learning objectives:

  1. Explain in detail the requirements of an offer, how offers are made, how they are terminated and how offers are accepted.
  2. Discuss the general principles of legality and public policy—describe with examples—agreements affecting public welfare and the characteristics of regulation of business.
  1. respond to two student posts below also.


Melanie Pina

Since the benign of time there has always been trade. Often times if was farm life for some other farm life. In some cases there has even been trade for marriage. But as time and people developed so did the need for trading goods. This was much so between countries and to keep it as peaceful as possible there is something called the The World Trade Organization. From what I have read and re-read, now correct me if I may have misunderstood this, but I understood that that the US and France have been “partners” per say, in the trade game for many years. It could have all started back in 1778 after the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain (https://www.state.gov/u-s-relations-with-france/ (Links to an external site.)). France was a help for the US and have been allies. From the readings is seems as if the two share similar views on many things making it easy to trade with each other.


Homero Najera

Assume that before the formation of the European Union, the lowest-cost source of supply for a certain product consumed in France was the United States. Explain the basis by which, after the EU was formed, higher-cost German producers could have replaced the U.S. producers as the source of supply.

The formation of the European Union made sure that such goods and resources were able to be transferred within those who participated in the union of European countries. If we assumed that the United States was a high supplier that was consumed by the majority of France, Germany would have a strong possibility for profit. After the
(EU) was formed, France would more likely trade with Germany because transportation, work load, energy, and other factors would decrease rather than going cross country to get supplies. But you’re probably wondering Germany is expensive with its tariffs, but that might not always be the case. With the (EU), these tariffs would most likely be repelled and will make trading more efficient and costly.

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