BCC Marine Life Discussion

In this module, you will write one blog post on a current event that deals with one of the learning objectives of the module for this week. The information for the blog can be from newspapers, magazines, research papers, etc. In addition to writing one blog post, you will also read and comment on one of your peers’ blogs. Your original blog post and peer responses are to be no more than 300 words and included a title. You will be given a grade for your posts and peer responses each week.


Ivan Medellin

The disappearance of seagrass beds that threatens survival of marine life.

sea life sea turtle-3.jpg

Sea turtle eating sea grass.(Photo: LauraD/Shutterstock)

Researcher are eager to return Bermuda sometime this month, after almost two of restrictions brought form the pandemic researcher are hoping to get back to work an start studying the sea grass and the marine life that lives their. After being away from The Bermuda Turtle Project researcher were thinking that the sea grass would flourish but after two years researcher are noticing the opposite patches of sea grass are disappearing. Their have been drastic changes in the marine environment that could be the cause of the disappearing sea grass. The sea grass is home to many marine life animals and with the sea grass collapsing researchers are noticing a decline in sea turtles and fish. Some researcher think climate change has a big part in why the sea grass is disappearing and some other factor are nutrient run-off have been found in the water where the sea grass is found which could also be a major factor involved in the loss of seagrass in the Bermuda water off the Atlantic ocean. Researcher have found that sea turtle help sea grass grow when they eat sea grass steam making it flourish. With the decline in sea turtle in the area sea grass is disappearing leaving many other marine wild life to also disappear. With a decline in fish many fisherman are struggling to find fish in these areas which once house many different marine life. Some researcher want to introduce a marine protected area to stop harmful fishing practices or anchoring boats that would up root seagrass. Many researchers think this would give sea grass a chance to thrive an to multiply and increase the marine life that comes with it.

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