Based on your chosen topic, the following THREE (3) important information should be included…

Based on your chosen topic, the following THREE (3) important information should be included in the video. 1. Background of your topic The background should briefly place the topic in a broad context and highlight why it is important. The current state of the topic should be reviewed carefully. Please highlight controversial and diverging issue when necessary, and cite any reliable source. Let say you decide to talk about air pollution. You have to describe “what is pollution, type of pollution, the impact of pollution to the environment and human, etc. This information is obtained from website/newspaper/journal articles etc”. 2. Problem i. Define the problem of the chosen topic and its significance. In this section, you may describe about Klang Valley air pollution problem, the previous record of their haze level, crucial issue that happen to the community, impact to the economy, health (in specific), or etc. ii. Next, briefly mention and highlight the main aim of the work. We investigate the direct effect of air pollution to Klang Valey residents in terms of their daily activities…. 3. Describing data collection (Refer subtopic 1.3) Explain on how to collect the information from the sample of respondents in order to solve the aforementioned problem (primary or secondary data). Identify your sample and population of study and describe your data collection techniques that suitable such as survey, interview, mail, e-mail, or etc.


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