Based on the detailed forecast

Based on the detailed forecasting results you provided in Project A, you will now prepare a ‘Situational Analysis’ for Senior Management and you will record your evaluation of the following:

  • Macroenvironment
  • Market analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Consumer Analysis

(Refer to the image in Topic 2 page 12 of your learning resource to ensure all areas listed are covered)

Present as an exciting PowerPoint presentation for Senior Management to review and attach.

Guided Notes:

  • Identify the organisations business capabilities and their resources
  • Analyse their international market information
  • Identify the threats and opportunities for business development according to your forecasting results
  • Use comparative international market information to review business performance
  • Analyse the performance of competitors
  • Analyse the performance of competitor products or services to determine threats or opportunities
  • Identify legal, ethical and environment constraints relevant to the market in which they operate
  • Identify any areas in the markets that are being underserviced by the organisation or by its competitors with a focus on opportunities that have presented themselves during COVID.
  • Identify any changes in international markets that link to the organisation’s strengths or capabilities
  • Identify any changes or improvements that the organisation must make due to COVID that will improve its performance and address international marketing opportunities.

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