Barstow Slaves and Their Mast

1.) Much of this week’s lessons and readings focuses on the issue of slavery in ante-Bellum America–the support of the institution, the movement against it, and the lives of enslaved people. What from this week perhaps surprises you about the issues of slavery? What perhaps violated expectations of the era and the topic?

2.) respond to two student posts below


Jeremy Valente

The one that was early on in our reading was from chapter 13, where it mentions the establishment of the ACS, and that Thomas Jefferson was a supporter of colonization. But, the part I would like to highlight is from the part where the people of the ACS didn’t believe that Blacks and whites could live in the same society with one another as it could cause rising tensions. So to mitigate this, they actually paid 100k dollars to have many african american slaves sent back to africa, where they then created the colony of Liberia, then later Monrovia. They originally wanted there to be 250k dollars worth of slaves went over but they were able to get 100k dollars worth. The fact that they were able to even convince American’s to allow this to happen was a thing of wonder to say the very least. Later on, we read about Frederick Douglas, an amazing speaker which shed light on the business of slavery and how it really looked from his standpoint. Prior to this we also read about the many uprisings and movements that made such difference in the world, that without this even happening I wonder what would of actually of happened had no one stood up for what is right. Great chapter, although saddening, it is amazing to read the vast stories of uprisings that our ancestors have led before us.


Jausaline Morales

What surprised me in this weeks lecture was the something our instructor said in the Old South lecture. He explained about how there were different types of south and how they were all different even though it was all in the same “corner”. The part of the lecture that really surprised me was that only one in four southerns was a slave owner. Which meant that about 75% of the people who did live in the south did not own enslave families. I found that crazy because I honestly thought it would be a lot more than that. He then went to explain that there were people who had slaves but those people were mainly high end people such as dentist or doctors.

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