BA 200 UIC American Southwest

Module 5
Individual Complex Multi-Level Communication Development Assignment factsheet

This INDIVIDUAL ] PROJECT is a complex multi-level event development
assignment with content and expectations similar to that which you can expect to
regularly experience in the real world.

Directions …

1. Read everything that is part of this assignment packet. Start by reading the
memorandum to you from Mr. James Rockford. Gain an overall understanding
of this event.

2. Consider what information you currently know … that which you have received
… it’s content … how, when and why you receive it. Think of this as completing
a jigsaw puzzle … what pieces do you have and what pieces do you need?

3. Read and understand the content of the Communique provided to you … what
information is provided/requested, when, why and how … what information
has been shared, when, why and how … which individuals have need or nice to
know … which medium(s) used … which tone(s) used. Remember … paper trail
and CYA.

4. Determine the Communiques you must develop … what information do you
have/need, when, why and how … what information do you need to share,
when, why, and how … which individuals need to know and nice to know …
which medium(s) used … which tone(s) used. Remember … you want a paper
trail and CYA.

5. Complete an Event Strategy Timeline Table (Word file provided), presenting the
dates, To, From, Medium, Cc, Bcc, PS, Attachment, Enclosure, Tone, and Subject
Topic details obtained in #4 above. Submit this Table as part of a
properly formatted and written memorandum to Professor Corte. Consider this
Corte BA 200 TTh Spring – 2021
Event Strategy Timeline Table the topic of the memorandum.

6. Consider ALL of the readings, viewings, subject specific videos, in-class
discussions, strategy sessions, team exercises and individual assignments on
memoranda, letters, routine messages, negative messages, and persuasive
messages … in other words, everything presented in this class to date.

7. Submission Requirements
Electronic: Upload, within this assignment’s link by the due date and time.
a) Memorandum to Professor Corte presenting your Event Strategy Timeline
Table (#5) and
b) ALL of the communique you create related to the Event.
c) All required communique may be uploaded as one or multiple

Complain Letter to Mr. James Rockford – Spring 2021.pdf

Corte Response Letter to Your Telephone Call — Spring 2021.pdf

ASA Lost Item Policy – Spring 2021.pdf

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