auto brand kia 2

Attached is the excel files to use for creating this powerpoint

Powerpoint needs to be 12-15 slides (detailed slides)

  • -Auto Brand: KIA
    • Provide a demographic profile of your drivers (age, gender, income)
    • Identify 2 auto brands with similar demographics – these should appear to be core competitors
    • Use visuals (graphs, charts) to create these profiles and present them in a business presentation
    • Based on your demographics, what kind of person do you think is driving KIA
    • In presentation, demonstrate a full knowledge of the metrics that are available to you in Auto Info_Scarborough_1 spreadsheet
  • -Develop recommendations for media
    • Use Auto Info By TV Network spreadsheet, identify 2 tv channels that would be effective for marketing your product, i.e., your current drivers, and your current competitors’ drivers watch these channels
    • Use the data to show why the two channels you selected would be good marketing partners by displaying their performance vs. other channels
    • Again, use the metrics that are available to you and demonstrate in your graphs and charts what
    • Also, use the Cable Network Demos spreadsheet to demonstrate that your channels are a demographic match for KIA

    All information must be presented in slides

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